Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow, Wow, Wow for the Fighter!

Oh my, this had to be one of the best movies I've seen!!   Can I just say....Christian Bale is sooooo amazing!!  Like I said-he is SUPERB!!!   I think it is absolutely mind blowing how he just becomes the character he is portraying.   His method of acting is incredible and intense. Christian believes he is the person, so it's believable to the viewer. I just love him...except when he throws little temper tantrums...but can you really blame him.   I'm sure it is distracting if he is in character and someone just pops onto the set while you're doing a scene.

*side note -  I'm still kind of sad Jo (Winona Ryder) rejected Laurie (Christian Bale) for that guy (Gabriel Byrne) on 1994's Little Women,  Well he married her little sister...so I guess it was nice to keep it in the family!! lol!

Didn't get a chance to watch True Grit......we had to watch our guilty pleasure Jersey Shore!!  I know it's a disgusting habit but I can't help it!!  ☺ Plus, I just had to see Snooki all plastered on the beach.  That show is like a train wreck happening and you can't seem to turn away!

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