Monday, April 30, 2012

Scrap Busting and Fishing line.....

You're thinking oh no....more scraps!  Yes, more scrap fabric and a piece of my millions of miles fishing line.  Helloooo I have to use what I have to make cute stuff so I can show it off here. Then wait for all you wonderful readers, or browsers of pictures to comment and make my day! (",)

Making things like this, makes me wish I had kids already.  I want sweet little birthday parties or lovely tea parties to decorate.  Can you totally tell that I want a girl.  Well I'll have to wait till that day comes. That's a topic for another day.  

I used scrap fabrics, pieces of tulle, thread, hot glue and fishing line.

I sandwiched the tulle between the 2 pieces of fabric. Pinched it in the center and sewed by machine.

I threaded a big needle with fishing line and sewed across the back of the bow.  Easy peasy....right!!!

I evenly separated the bows and put a dot of hot glue then wrapped with small pieces of fabric for the centers. (you can see this in the pic above)

I love how these turned out.  Now I have to decide what to do with it! 

Thanks for stopping by my page today.  Everyone have a great day.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gone Fishing.....

Well not really, maybe I will.  Just not now!  What I really wanted to show you was alllllllllllllllll of this fishing line that I picked up on a free cycle.   I think I'm set for life - regular fishing, deep sea fishing, big fish, little fish, monofilament line, cofilament, fly.  But I'm really not that great at fishing, what I am awesome at is creating.  

Can you imagine everything that I can do with this line?  I received 2 bags full of this.  All of the spools are pretty much full and most are still in un-opened packages.

Yay....I can't wait to get started on some projects using it.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Semi Wordless Wednesday - In the Craft room

Can you see how messy busy I've been?

This is my sewing table...I can't even get to my cutting mat.

I think I have some cleaning to do!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet Covered Jars - Mother's day gifts or whenever gifts!

Well I took a break from all the scrap busting this week! I wanted to do something else so I decided to cover some jars with some really bad you can see from the pics below I'm not the worlds best crochet-er.  I did get the affect I was looking for though. This is what I will be making for Mothers day gifts for my mom, sisters, M-I-L and S-I-L's.  

I have about 100 empty jars and bottles in a spare closet waiting for future crafting plans.  When I get to them is another question and theHubs is getting a bit worried with all the jar hoarding going on. "Men", sometimes they don't understand.

I know the big thing that's going on around blog land is painting and tinting glass jars, but I don't want to do that just yet.  I don't want to do it because everyone else is doing it. Sometimes I want to be the oddball when it comes to crafting. ('',)  Yes, I know I'm not the first the crochet cover jars, but I'm showing you the jars that "I" covered. 

I used some yarn that I had bought at the $ store...and used some jars from my stash and cut some knock-out roses from my backyard.  Doesn't it feel great to be able to use what you have and not go out and buy anything.  The jars can be used as plant holders, candle holders or what ever you decide to do with them.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Look out for me I'll be linking up to lots of parties this week.  Check out my I ♥ to Party links page to see where I link up and where you can link up as well.

One of the places where I'll be linking up at is Craftbotics

Rosie is having a month long link up, so what'cha waiting for go over there and link up your AWESOME projects.  She also has co-hosting opportunities if you email her.  Go and check out her cute and crafty blog.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Scrap Busting - Wristlet Clutch...(sounds fancy huh?)

I've been scrap busting for a couple of weeks now and these have been my favorite project to sew.  I was happy to have enough of the dark fabric to make 4 wristlets.....yay!!  I'm only showing 2 because I had about 3 zillion pics and I didn't want to have a picture show post.  I'll post the other two at a later date.  I'm very happy with the finished product.

Here you can see some of the details of the flowers.  Which were bits left over from some of the tote bags that I have sewn. If you look closely  the centers of these flowers are a bit raised...using scrap batting that I shredded, I just stuffed it into the center and finished sewing around the flower.  Then I folded this piece in half and rubbed it together to give it the frayed edge.

Same thing on this one, stuffed the centers and sewed around or overlapped the next flower or shape.

Since I am hoarder saver of many, many things....I was able to recycle the zippers and metal loops from a book bag that I had.  Yay for Fifi!!!  If I can reuse it I will.  I also sewed in a little pocket on one side and my tag on the other side.  I say if you made it, tag it! So when your out and about, people will ask where did you get it from.  You'll say "oh I made it" and they'll be all oooohhh and ahhhh! It's nice to be noticed.

Hope you've been enjoying my scrap busting projects.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Leave comments, let me know what you think!  

Everyone have a great week!

******Yes, I know I misspelled wristlets in the title. I'm just not sure if I fix it, it will mess up all my link ups.  So it will stay as it is.
******fixed it...I hope it works.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring cleaning in the yard!!

Besides scrap busting for the past couple of weeks, I have also been doing a little Spring cleaning in the yard.  Well when I say "I", I really mean "we" as in theHubs and myself.  He cuts the yard and edges and I do the weed pulling, planting and sprucing.  This is sort of looooong post, but I have pics!  "You've been warned" lol!

March was here and then it was gone, I kept putting off the yard work.  I had no motivation to get in the backyard and clear thing was getting kind of ugly back there.  Looking in the back yard is kind of scary....weeds up to my eyeballs, which isn't saying much because I'm like 5'2, there are spiders in the grass, wasps and bees a buzzing, ants.  Fun times!!  

Look at this....ocean of weeds!!  Looks like a family of Leprechaun's invaded my space. This stuff was in the WHOLE BED.  Which is about 50 ft across and varies between 3, 5, 8, and 12 feet wide in some places.  Every time I pull weeds from this bed, I ask myself....."WHY"  well more like screaming that is.  I knew it had to be done.....theHubs said he would hire someone to come and clean it out, but I said why should we waste money paying someone to do this.  Plus, I could use that money to buy more plants or potting soil. So I got to it and started.  One Sunday, took me about 5 hours minus this corner below.

See this pic below....well in this corner there should be a moss rock border, Lantana bushes, a hibiscus plant...I think. Sometimes I wish we had nothing back there, it's too much work.  But then I'd be mad because I'd want plants and color back there.  

I was there another weekend and only got halfway done here...I started to see my plants! Now you can see the rock border too!!  I just wish you couldn't see the cable boxes.  Thanks "SBC"  why did my yard have to have them....oh well once the plants start growing you can barely see them.

This is what I did on Good Friday!!  It doesn't look like much yet....I have to wait a couple more weeks before the flowering plants start blooming.  I also added a Yellow Lady Banks Rose bush....I can't wait to see that start to crawl.

This whole bed was full of weeds!  The biggest tree here is a Texas Lilac, it can be trained to grow as a bush or as a tree.  I loooooove this tree,  it has about a zillion buds on it and it looks awesome with its flowers.  The only bad thing about this tree is the tree leaves look very similar to a marijuana leaf...weird, lol!!  I can assure you, there is no illegal plant growing going on in my back yard.  I have a Bradford pear tree,  a couple of Crab Apple  trees, Althea bushes, and a Rose of Sharon bush, Lantana bushes, sage bushes.  The knockout rose bush is in full bloom....even though it hurt me to my heart to hack it up, it was getting kind of wild.  See below ↓ I cant wait till all the color comes in.  It looks amazing....then when fall comes it looks sad and pathetic no color and no leaves.  I can see the backs of my neighbors houses and we have no privacy at all.  Due to deed restrictions we can't put in 8 ft fences....booooooooo. And since we to share fences with 4 different houses it would be kind of hard to get any of the neighbors to pitch in any funds to replace the fence.  That's the burbs for you. 

Lookie here.... we have some buggy competition going on.  It's good and bad....these are the leaves to the Crab Apple tree.  So now they're gonna get eaten by the caterpillars...and I saw like a billion of them.  No worries,  they asked for permission and I said as long as you turn into lovely butterflies and visit it would be okay.

The Crab Apple is full of blooms too!!  Soooo pretty!

The front yard is pretty much full of colors.  I love it!  This plant below is a Duranta bush and will flower all the way to Fall.  

Pretty right???? Next to it I have some Morning Glory and Passion vines crawling. 

Hey lil fella...what'cha doing there.

With all the Spring cleaning going on, I broke all my nails, went through 2 pairs of garden gloves, got bit by ants (knee, arm, shoulder, hands, ankles, thigh, and a toe)....why do their bites hurt so bad, killed  6 (BIG) spiders, scraped my calf with the shovel, got a lil sunburned, almost ate a knat, almost stung by a red wasp - there's a nest in one of the bird houses and had a lizard jump on my leg.  I told theHubs that I'm glad we only do this a couple days out of the back was killing me.  See fun times!

I hope you enjoyed my Spring post.  Thank you for stopping by.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Scrap Busting - Yes....more! It's a desk pad.

The Scrap busting fool is back!!  Since all I'm using is scraps I didn't have enough to really make something more glamorous, like fancy place mats for the dining or breakfast tables. But I did have enough scraps to make a desk pad for my laptop.....yay!!

Here's what I did...

1) I cut up 2 x 2 inch squares
2) I arranged them the way I wanted it to look, stacked them by rows,then sewed them to make the strips.
3) Sewed the strips together and now you can see it what it will look like.

4) Here you can see what the back will look like.  I used a white on white paisley print.
5) Now to baste, bottom and top sandwiching some batting.  Then I pinned to keep it all in place.
6) Since this is a hodgepodge of different scraps I just top-stitched squares on the inside of every square on the top. (boring)

7) Whew....I was close to not having enough scraps for the the binding.  I had to sew lots of little pieces together, then cut to make it about 2 inches in width.  Make 2 folds towards the center, press with the iron....then fold that in half and press with the iron....done!
8)  I pinned the binding allllllllllll the way around.
9) Sewed the binding on and mitered the least I didn't mess those up because that sucks!

10) Done......It's not perfect but it will work for me.
11) Now my Laptop can sit all fancy on its new desk pad.  Perfect fit too!!
11)  Just had to show off my little desk top too!  You can barely see my plant on the left side. I've had that ivy for about 13 years now.  It stays on the desk in my craft room...why?? Oh because I have 2 really bad and sneaky fur babies that like to shred my plants.

Hmm....I wonder if I'll have more Scrap busting posts!  Maybe, I do have lots of it.  You might get too bored with it.  We'll see, lol!
Thank you for stopping by!! Have a great day!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Tip! In the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen always leaves me with leftover ingredients....why because I only cook dinner for 2 people.  Myself and theHubs.  Well one item that I do use quite often is tomato sauce, yes from a can!  Don't judge, lol!  So, when I open a can I only use about 3 tablespoons worth at one time. Then I'm left with a almost full can.

Hmmmm.....what to do with the leftover?
Duh, You freeze it!  

Just pour the left over sauce into an ice tray and pop it in the freezer!  When I need to use some I just take out about 3 cubes.  
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrap Busting - Scrappy Table Runner

Well sadly I was not one of the winners of the $$MegaMillions$$ 
<insert sad mopey face here> lol!  
But I'm happy that I'm super blessed to have what I do have and I am not without. I have the things I need and most things that I want.

Okay, there has been a lot of scrap busting going on in the craft room.  I have bins of scraps that I just don't want to get rid of.   So, I decided to get busy with the scrap busting.  
Without going into too much detail - the hearts were made from scraps of a quilt (not so mellow yellow) I am still working on from last summer <sigh>, the top is a piece of muslin fabric, the bottom is a piece of white on white paisley print and batting for the middle.  

I never tire of seeing what people are making or creating.  So I hope you all never get tired of seeing the things that I post.  If you really read and visit most blogs you'll see the same things, just different spins on it.  Bags, totes, clothes, pillows, curtains, mug rugs, painted furniture, recipes - you name and there are about 3 zillion different variations of the thing. Which is why I never get tired of seeing so much inspiration.

Here is my spin on one of the many things that I have made.

Tumbling Hearts
Scrappy Table Runner

Thanks for stopping by!  
Let me know what you think.... I comments!
(I try to e-mail to all my comments, I want you to know that I do read them and
appreciate them.  If you still have no-reply set up, I reply to the comment on the post.)

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