Monday, January 31, 2011

My Grandpa

It was 2yrs on 1/27 since my Grandpa has been gone. I am the 3rd oldest grandchild of 12 and 1st oldest granddaughter of 8. These are some of the memories that I will never forget. He taught me how to drive when my parents wouldn't & yelled at me the whole time, lol! He scared all the grand kids to not touch his stuff, if not he'd smash your hands with a hammer or cut your fingers off, lol! He was missing part of 2 of his fingers and always said Grandma cut them off cause she was mad at him.  He always bought us a coke & a candy when my mom would take us to visit him at work. He could be scary, but he was sweet & joked with you. He loved to be outside working in the yard. I have pics. of him always making silly faces.  He helped to raise us when my dad wasn't around.  He had his rules that didn't make sense when I was younger, but now I know why he had them. And sadly the last memory I will never forget will be of him taking his last breath in the hospital.  Whether my memories are happy or sad this is all I have left of him......

 I love and miss you grandpa!

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