Monday, January 17, 2011

Football & Food

Obviously we had tons to eat!! 

Sunday football with friends is the best and Sunday football with friends during the playoffs is even better! My love grilled up some burgers, Italian sausage, hotdogs....we had nachos, drinks, beer, donuts.... It was awesome!!  My love makes THE Best Burgers!!!!!!

Sadly...I'm not a football know-it-all, I'm a woman who is limited in the whole football knowledge. I only know you get points for a touchdown, points for field goals, I know the hand signal the ref does for a false start, aaaaaaannnd I always giggle at the word "Tight-end"....It just doesn't sound appropriate, lol!!  Hubby has tried to explain....but to no avail I just don't get it.   I mean I enjoy the game just don't talk it to me...and honey is happy that I don't ask it's a win-win situation.

ok,  the last four teams left for the playoffs are:
  • Packers
  • Jets
  • Bears
  • Steelers
I have no predictions because it's not that important to me....if I had to choose a team it would solely be because I have a mad crush on one of the players....who you ask?

Mark Sanchez - Jets
This dude is SEXY!!!  So, yeah my choosing this team doesn't count.....If they do win...then great congrats to the Jets.

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