Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I apologize for not posting more, its just I'm working through a "things to get done" list that suddenly seems to get longer and longer by the day. And I'm trying to reorganize my craft's just a jumbled mess.  I'll post pics of the before and after for the room!

Well I've been yo-yoing it up....well actually I've been cutting circles for the yo-yo's!!  I think I'm gonna make a quilt or maybe seat covers !! I haven't decided on that yet.   One decision that has been made is that I'm gonna get a sewing machine.....yay!!  I'm really excited about it, since I'm a newbie at sewing with a machine my honey told me to do my homework, and do research on them (i.e.  brands, pricing)!  So, if anyone one has advice or what brand to recommend....Please, oh Please leave me a comment!!   It will be greatly appreciated.  My little sausage fingers are tired of sewing/stitching by!

Also, much like my jumbled craft room I'm also thinking of revamping this blog!!  I need to focus more on it!!  "I'm scared", lol!  -  I think this will be a work in progress.

Here are more fabric flowers I made.  I even wore one as a pin and I made one using the rolled fabric technique!! 

Made by Fifiybr

I made this one into a pin, so I wore it to work the next day.

Here is the rolled fabric technique!  It was pretty easy to make.

Finished rolled flower

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabric flowers and yoyo's

okay still crafting and LOVING IT!!!  

Last night I made these, and today I'll probably make like a million more!   I have tons of scrap fabric, tons of old clothes (yes..they're washed) that I haven't taken to the clothing box, so I'll be using them for crafty stuff now.  My honey says just get rid of it....I said I couldn't cause I've taken every single button off all of the clothes that was supposed to be donated!!  So how are other people gonna wear the clothes if there's no buttons on it, I even got the extra button from the inside seam tag ☺! Hey, I'm trying to use all the material/buttons for my crafts.....hello I need buttons for snowman eyes, or centers for my flowers....ALL IN THE NAME OF CRAFTS!!!

Well here are some pics for the fabric flower that I made, of course it's just a sample...I could probably inter-change the fabrics and wear it as a broach, put it on my hat, you name it I can put it on there!!   You can also see the different scraps of fabrics that I'll be using.   

I just love how this came out...
I used some old blue jeans, different scraps and a pink button.

This next item is called a fabric yoyo.....I had no idea this is what they were called or even how to make them..... I was at my friends house borrowing some pinking shears and she told me about them.  Can you just die...look how cute this is.   They are also soooooooo easy to make, I'm definitely going to make 2 million of these!!

Cute as a button!! lol!!  
To make this I used a green and black printed scrap and a pink glittered button.

I changed out the centers, I can't even imagine the possibilities. 
Also,  you can see the different printed scrap fabric I have.

Well, I'll post more stuff as I do them!!  Also, I'll link other sites with great ideas!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I got bit by the Crafty bug!!

Well I've been crafting for a while, but since I have nieces now I just want to make things for them.  I don't have any children yet.  I borrow the kids from my brother and sisters, spoil them and then send them home lol!!   I'm always doing crafts with the boys and now I get girls in the mix, too much fun!!  It wasn't till February 2010 that we got our first girl. Then one in August and the last one in November!!  So now I just want to make all kinds of things for them.  I really hope that I have girls when I have kids.

So, now I'm making shadow boxes for the girls.  I'm not quite done yet but I have started on two of them.


I drew and hand painted the bird and hearts.

I cut and hand stitched the denim flower.


Sorry the picture is from my phone and the quality is not all that great.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm crazy for Crawfish!!!!!

So, Where have I been you ask?  Well I've been stuffing my face with Crawfish, like a crazy insane fiend, that's what I've been doing!!  Also been going to parties, a wedding, family get together's, basically living life Oh, and studying for my PSB exam...which is dumb! But that's my opinion! 

Back to Crawfish, if you don't know what these are they are like little brother or sister versions of Lobsters!!  Look it up...the descriptions go on forever about theses things. When boiled with the right spices, mushrooms, potatoes, corn, shrimp, crab OMG the list could go on and on with what you can add, but what I've mentioned is usually what we eat it with.  Yes some people think they're gross, or a waste to eat but they don't know any better!!  ☺ Props to my honey and our 2 other friends that cook these crawfish.

I still have about a month and half to I'm gonna get my fill!!   YUMMY!!

Crawfish- Boil   (I do not own this picture)

This is what our crawfish boil look like.....Dang I'm making myself!!   I wish I could eat these everyday.

But I can't  -
1) It can get very expensive buying these mudbugs.
2)There aren't too many people who can cook them "GOOD".
3)They're only in season for a short time in the year.