Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm here!!

So, I made it on time to work today!! Yippee!!  Plus I also did something with my hair...which I'm starting to think is not so plus. lol!  

I used Tousle me softly mousse....which on the commercial makes it seem like I can have that "dreamy, tousled, soft natural wave.....whip my hair back and forth, while playing an instrument on a chair" kind of hair.  Nope doesn't come close to it.  So now here is the score

  • 1 point for softness, not the crunchy hair that I dread!
  • 1 point for the nest looking thing that is now on the back of my head!

Nest Head!!

Then I have to wear it like this because, of course I don't have enough time to wash, rinse, dry and straighten!!  Oh well!

I guess I'll be trying something different tomorrow, plus honey really doesn't like my hair like this!  I told him that until I finish the Tousle me softly mousse, he'll have to just get used to it!! ☺

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