Friday, January 7, 2011

Cabs are HERE-YAH!!

Yes...I say with great sadness that my guilty pleasure is watching JerseyShore, lol!!!  This show is like a bad accident waiting to happen, and I can't seem to pull my eyes away!  This show has it all - drama, backstabbing, sex, gossip, girl fights, drunkenness it's totally awesome ☺!

It's crazy how popular it has become and you can see the success....everyone is driving BMW's, Mercedes, and Big Daddy Caddy's!!  Some of that money should be saved and not wasted on TANS ---> aka Snookie......Maybe it's just me, but she did look extra orangy-er....I know this isn't a word but it's my word!  But yeah, I'm sorry she looked horrendous. 

This season looks like it's gonna be good!!  I can't wait till they bring out the Grenade Whistle!! lol! Yes they do use words not regularly used around the US or I should say with different meanings from around the such terms as:

Blow-out (n.): An extremely sculpted male hair style that means uses tons of styling gel and a hair dryer so that ultimately the guy's hair looks frozen

Creep (v.): Checking out someone for a potential hook-up, preferably with someone under the influence of alcohol

Fist pump (n.): A dance move used to show excitement while clubbing

Fred Flintstone toe (n.): The negative description of a woman's big toe

Grenade (n.): A less attractive girl to give to a friend (or a wing man) so she doesn't get in the way of a good time with her hot friend

GTL (n.): Three letters that stand for the routine of going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry

Heated (adj.): Fired-up, angry; often as a precursor to fighting

Juiced (adj.): Very well built with lots of muscles often earned through the use of steroids

Pouf (n.): A hair style in which a large amount of hair is piled on top of the head

Pound it out (v.): To engage in sexual relations

Robbery (n.): The act of stealing another male's most recent female conquest

Smush (v.): To have sex

Vibe (v.): To be attracted to another person

and others such as  DTF, LandMine, and Hippo.....

A show that I might potentially watch is Skins....looks interesting!  I can't wait for my other shows to Nurse Jackie, UnitedStatesOFTara!!  I think I probably watch to much TV!!  I'm obsessed with shows like Hoarders, Storage Wars, and The Bad Girls Clubs!  I know it's crazy but I can't stop watching. That is exactly why I don't have a DVR...I would never leave the house  and that would be sad! lol!

Okay...I'll write again later!

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