Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm back from my vacation!

Hi everyone.... you probably didn't even realize I was gone.  That's fine, lol!!  
Well I did actually take a vacation and just added another week.  Can I be honest, It was awesome not being on here.  I didn't have to worry about posting or creating or doing the mad rush to add my new project to linky parties.   Sometimes the blog can just take over your whole life and I realized I didn't want that to happen.  If you do come by to check out my projects you know I try to post one once a week....with a few random posts here and there.  Well I'm going to have slow down on posting a project every week.  In my head I was thinking maybe once every two week.  Still thinking about it.  

Well I just thought I would update you all about my decisions.  I won't be totally gone!!  I might just be in a rut....who knows.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll post again later.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Be back soon....

Sorry peeps, no project today!! 
But, I do have a project lined up for next weekend. 
So, make sure you do come back.

This week TheHubs and I will be taking a small well deserved vacation!!  Yay!! 

I'll update you with pics and all that good stuff next week!

Everyone have a fabulous week!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Embroidery Art - Day of the Dead Pillow

 Where has the year gone?  Can you believe by the end of this week we're already half way through July.  I'm already counting down till we get to October.....I can start decorating for the Holiday's. Woo-Hoo!!!

This project that I'm going to share with you was for one of our great friends Birthday.  Her lovely parents were the lucky ones to receive the Patriotic Pillow.  I want to thank all of the lovely blogger's who featured it.  I tried to grab all of the feature buttons, if I'm missed one I'm sorry - please let me know if you don't see yours.

The theme of this pillow is a little early in the year to celebrate....that is if you do! It is usually celebrated November 1st.  I don't celebrate the day, but I do love the art work of everything.  Some of the art work is simply stunning. If you like that sort of thing. I went on-line to get some inspiration for this project.  If you look up Day of the Dead art, you'll see skulls with flowers, hearts, webs, crosses and swirls, in many different colors.  Well my friend LOOOOOVES this kind of stuff and I knew she would be extremely happy when she saw what I made for her.

Here is some information on Day of the Dead History

(Picture quality is not the best, but I'll try to explain as best as I can.)
1.) I folded a sheet of paper and drew a couple of half skull shapes.
2.) Then I cut them out and decided on the one I liked the best.
3.) I traced (2) skulls on a sheet of blank paper and made copies of that.
4.) Then with the inspiration from the net, I drew out the skulls.  You know it's not very easy to draw teeth.  I had such a hard time, I kept drawing and erasing. 
1.) I ended up drawing (8) different skulls, I chose the 4 I liked the best.
2.) I pinned the skulls onto foam board with tissue paper over it to trace.
3.) I then traced the skulls with black permanent marker.
4.)  I cut out the tissue traced skulls and set them aside.
5.)  Now I was ready to start.  I pinned it onto the fabric, then put it onto the hoop. 
       Embroidering on the tissue paper was easy, I was able to tear away and pick out the pieces.  I didn't really have a plan, I just picked different colors.  As I finished each skull I took it off the hoop to pin the next skull where I wanted it to be.  I really loved the way it all came out.
Drawing out the skulls, embroidery and sewing took me about 27 hours probably would have been less if I wasn't watching re-runs of Ugly Betty or The Office, lol.
For the back I chose a black with white polka dots.  I have to say my favorite skull has to be the last  one with the blue flower.

  I'm happy to say that she was really excited to receive this gift.  I'm glad!!

Thanks for stopping by to view this weeks project.

Everyone have a fabulous week.

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