Friday, March 30, 2012

Potential MegaMillions Winner here - I'm Hoping!

Hey's getting a little exciting here in Texas and every other state that is playing MegaMillions!

Look at this!!  Can you just imagine winning! 


If you read my tweets you know what I'll be doing!!  

"I'm going into hiding with TheHubs and enjoying my permanent vacation!" - fifiybr

 Hopefully the next post that goes up will be from my secret location, with pictures of me swimming in a pool of cash and coins, you know like Uncle Scrooge McDuck.....What?? a girl can dream! Ok, Ok I wouldn't be that cruel.

  I'm in a pool of tickets at work and TheHubs bought some just for us.  
Well I'm keeping my fingers, legs, arms and toes crossed.<<<squeal>>>

Good Luck!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Family Showcase.... #7

Today I am featuring my niece

Aubrey Rose

This is my brothers youngest daughter.  Aubrey will turn 2 years old in August, her older brother is Aiden  (3) and her older sister is Anne-Marie (2).  She loves her brother and sister very much. Aubrey also likes to play with her cousins.  She enjoys watching cartoons and loves to talk in her own gibber jabber language, lol!  My sister-in-law said she was in the jumpy house for the first time ever and she enjoyed it very much.

She's a sweetie, well around me she is.  Aubrey is my little rosebud!  That's my nickname for her.  

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Donuts, the poor man variety! YUMMMMM!!!

A few weeks ago while browsing blog land I came across a post from The Momma Hen at Momma Hen's Frugal Life.  I absolutely love her blog.  She does some amazing stuff, in her home.  So go and check her out.  Well she had a post about these..... yummy poor man donuts. I wrote to her telling her that my mom would make these for us all the time, and that I was going home to make them. Weeeell it only took me a couple of weeks, but I finally remembered to buy the stuff last week.  The hubs had never eaten them as donuts before, so I made him some.  I don't know if this is done everywhere but they do serve fried biscuits dipped in sugar at some of the Chinese food buffets, you know....since I live in TX near Houston (aka the fattest city in the US, hmmm I wonder if we're still #1).  LOL!!

Here is what I used:
biscuits (homestyle)
cooking oil 
sugar/ cinnamon

Open the biscuits and lay them out on a plate.

Now to make my donuts.  You can use your thumb or a soda top to make the holes.  I used the soda top.

When the oil is hot enough, carefully place the dough in the pan.

The yummy little things will cook up fast, so keep a close eye on them.  You want them a golden brown then flip and do the other side.  I had a slight casualty burn on one of the donuts, I turned away to mix the cinnamon and sugar. 

I don't know what happened to the picture but, put the donuts on a napkin to absorb the oil.  Melt some butter and mix up your sugar & cinnamon. The donuts will still be warm.  Carefully dip one side of the donut into the butter, then do the other side.  Then gently press it into the sugar, flip and repeat.

Can you see my casualty donut?

See all gone.....even with a few little burnt spots. Okay before you think OMG little piggy ate them all...they were really small and I helped out.  Hubby gave two thumbs up for these!  I can't make these all the would really kill our diets.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Tip! In the Kitchen

  I don't know about you but I sure do like to make and drink sweet tea.  Maybe it's a southern thing, but it sure is the best.   I can't stand that fake powder crap...yuck! So you won't find that in my pantry.  I make it all year round. I have my way of making it - how many bags to boil, how many scoops of sugar to stir in, how much water to add in the pitcher.  My brother and I will compete and see who makes it the best....   

Of course I saw this tip on Pinterest!!  
And you know what? It really worked!

The Proof!

I'm not going to go into scientific don't ask!  I just put a wooden spoon over the pot and it worked.  My tea didn't boil over.  If you use this tip, you will still want to keep an eye on it, just like you would with anything you have on the stove.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Accessories to wear

I've been a busy little bee!  Before I get to what I've been up to I have a rant...just a little rant and it's not bad.  
Here it goes - I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrvve -> (that's LOVE in the crazy language) to wear accessories. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, scarves, hair flair everything!  Buuuuutttt this rant is about bracelets,  I don't know about you but I have come across some really cute bracelets {not the elastic stretchy kind}. I go to try them on and guess doesn't go over my Fiona/Shrek hand....I mean who are the models for these things - skeletons...because I could barely get it over my fingers.  Okay I do have a pretty wide knuckle  maybe about 3 ½ inches.  Is that really big?  I don't think so, but point is they don't fit.  I have to put the cute bracelet back and pout about how my sausage fingers barely made it through the bracelet. So I've come to my solution - buy stretchy or cuff bracelets oooooorrrrrr I can make them myself. 

Now I can show you what I've been up to.

I'm glad I have tons of scrap fabric to use.

 I'm going to make like a million of these bracelets! every single color too!

The green one above is by far my favorite!!! And guess what....they slip over my hand easily.  I love them and I am really happy with the results.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like them.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Sort of.....

I'm right in between the 2pm and 3pm feeling.....blaaaaahhhh!! 
I wish I was on vacation already.  The hubs and I have yet to decide on this years vacation.  Hmmm...local or out of state???

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Making - Hair Flair

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!  Us folks down here in Houston, Texas had some crazy rain that started on Friday.  Even with all the rain we still kept busy with a party, family get together time, household chores, and a little crafting thrown in the mix.  Our weekends are so booked, that I do not see a free weekend in sight for a while! (''.)  While being so busy on the weekends I still try to find the time to create.   
I'm fortunate enough to have a craft/sewing's my get away place to think, read, craft, sew, and hoard store stuff - No Hubs allowed...even though he comes in to take stock in what I have in there,  or ask when did you buy this or that, or when I ask for a truthful  comment or critique on what I'm making.  I him!  
Okay enough of our gross love, lol....while I had a wee opportunity to get in there I made some {hair flair}, anything for the hair that's what I call it.  I'm so glad that I have nieces now, I can make them loads of hair flair and not have 3 million pieces for just myself.  I make them simple and I can make them fancy.  Since they're all still little I don't like to add beads or jewels because they will just rip them off of their little heads.  Here is some that I made, I would consider these simple but cute. ('',) 

Here is what was used:
glue gun/glue sticks
elastic hair band 

Cute and simple! Maybe I can wear it too!!

I love making stuff for my nieces....see I couldn't make stuff like this for my nephews!

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you like what I made. Leave me comments and let me know what you think!

Good news....I've been asked to make hair flair and tote bags to sell.  I'm pretty happy about that! I can't wait to get started.  I'm still up in the air about opening an Etsy shop or just selling the stuff on my own.  If you have a shop or sell on your own, please email me some pro & cons.  I'd really like the information.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Look at this....I'm a freak!!

Maybe not a freak....but a really picky eater!!  
How can I not like avocados?  This yummy goodness is just not my cup of tea!! It's just weird to me.
The avocado here was pushed out with my chop sticks!!
If it's on my food I'll just scrape it off or scoop it up and give it to the hubs. 

While doing my CSI investigative skills on myself, I've come up with an answer! 
oops..sorry I thought I was watching the show, lol!
sigh.....only if we could all be as cool as Horatio Caine.

I'm blaming it on my mom.  Sorry mom! You forced me to eat it when I was little, just like you forced me to eat tomatoes....bleeeehhhh!! Yeah I don't like tomatoes either, but that's another story.  Mom, would and still does eat a sliced avocado sandwich - bread, sprinkled with salt and pepper.....GROSSSSSSSSSSSS!!  And my sister will eat tomatoes like she's chomping away at a apple.....double GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Family Showcase.... #6

This weeks family showcase is introducing my niece 


  This is my brothers middle child and she's a total daddy's girl.  She turned 2 in February and has an older brother Aiden (3) and a younger sister Aubrey (1). She's been made tough by having to play with her older brother and her boy cousins before her little sister and her cousin were born.  Anne loves to play with her dolls and most times you'll catch her putting them night, night as she says.  Anne is a sweetheart and a firecracker!  She also likes to watch cartoons with her brother and sister

  Anne also stole my birthday thunder, I was the only February birthday in our family until she came along, Thanks Anne!! lol!!  I love her and we all call her Butterball!

Thanks for visiting!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Hobo - new sewing project

Hey guys and gals.....
Okay, maybe only one guy - the hubs! lol!  I'd like to thank you all for stopping by each time I have something new to share with you, also thank you for all of the lovely comments!  My goal is to share what I've made with you all and that you all will like it.  Yes, I did make this and everything else that I've posted about and said I made.  
I say this because I received a couple of emails regarding my blue tote bag - saying that it was impossible to make it look that perfect and not be professionally made (um what does that even mean, lol) or this looked like a bag that so-in-so store sells.  I didn't even tell the hubs, I just read them and deleted them.  Honestly why do people have to be rude or say negative things. First of all many stores sell many different kinds of tote bags or purses, I've never said I was the inventor of the very 1st tote bags.  I stated that I made "this" blue one.  Hello, if you have the basic skills in sewing anyone can sew a simple tote bag.  The hubs can tell you, I'm always in my craft room making something...if its not sewing, its sketching or crafting . 

Well....Enough of the negative-nancy!
I'm happy to show you the new Hobo bag I made. 
This bag is reversible....but I only put a pocket on the "inside". It does look cute either way.
I sewed in a mini pocket as well. Can be used for a cell phone, lip gloss, a compact or whatever you want to put in it.
Here is a close up of the fabric....I absolutely love it!  You can also see one side of my tag.  
Here is the other side of the tag.  I say if you made it tag it!
I absolutely loved this fabric.

This bag was a gift for my sister-in-laws birthday! I'm happy to say she loved it!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit!! Leave comments to let me know what you think.  (",)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

why are you stealing those.....

On Sunday we were at Home Depot and I picked up some lovely paint chips, then the hubs and I have this conversation:
The Hubs: Why are you stealing those?
Me: I'm not stealing, they're free. <shocked tone and face>
The Hubs: Yeah, they're free when you're buying paint.
Me: <eyes rolling> I don't need to buy any paint, you're already buy there!

Silly Hubs, chips are for this.....


and this.....

aaaand this


Isn't this stuff darling!!  What have you made with paint chips lately!

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