Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Fur-Babies

These are my "kids"......I know lame!  But they are!  I just wish they were lap cats!!  They don't like to be held, hugged, kissed, petted - basically loved....lol!  Well actually it's up to them when they feel like cuddling, purring, and getting close to you! So fickle!  They both eat with their paws! I can't give them wet food it would go everywhere.  I have to boobie-trap our bedroom door every night if not they wake us up every morning pawing at the door at like 5:45am for treats....which is really not a treat - it's cat food but it's different from their regular food......I don't know, I just confused myself too. They scoop up their food, throw it in the water, then scoop it out to eat.   Or they play with it like they're in a soccer league, make the goal then eat it!!  WEIRD.....I know!

They're in-door cats, probably wouldn't make it the night if they were left outside!  lol!!  My honey always tells them they're lucky to be alive, they have food to eat, they have reign over the entire house up and down, apart from the bedrooms! Sometimes  I'll sneak Stella in when I take a nap....she'll sleep, Ms. Betty would be jumping on the dresser and be nosey.   When ever the sad SPCA commercials come on, honey will also tell them...."Look, that could be you! or Look, that's probably your mom or sibling!"    lol....I tell him that they have no clue what you're saying!   Oh, well!! lol!

These are my babies......and Ms. Betty sleeps like
this everyday, everywhere!

And they're big too!!!  Both are at least 17-19 lbs

Just thought I would share a little about my pets!! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

My 1st baby Quilt!

I'm finally posting news!!   I've been sick with a yucky "summer cold"!! Blaaaagh, it was awesome!! lol!  Anyways I'm doing better thank GOD!!   I was able to catch up on some reading and listen to my fave music at the moment!  And that would be Adele!  She is the bomb....and her album "21" is superb!!! i "♥" Adele!

Well after the real bad stuff was over, I was finally able to finish this baby quilt, blankie, play mat thingy - Whatever you want to call it!  It's gonna be a gift.  And yes it's washed and summer cold germ free!

It's my 1st finished quilt.....Yay!!!!  I'm really proud of myself....<----- \("¸)/.....

I'm still working on the "Not so Mellow Yellow" quilt.  That one's gonna be a bit!

Well, for this little quilt I just used a charm pack from wallyworld --> that's Wal-Mart for people who don't know.....lol!!   I'm not a big wally fan, this year alone I've only been 3 times (this topic is for another post), but I was there with my cousin and while she was perusing party supplies, I went over to the craft section.   (Mind you it's after midnight and our hubbies are watching basketball highlights from Playoff game 3 at the restaurant, so we're waiting for their call to go pick them up.)  Well I saw this pack and thought it would be cute.   Here are a couple of pics.  Hope you all like it!

This little quilt is called "Hiccups of love"- 

Hiccups of love, top

I really like the colors and the hearts...

I chose the name because the charms with the little hearts have little
saying's like I love,love,love you....around some of the hearts.

I did a white back with 3 windmill pattern squares from the charms leftover.
The squares look really cute in the back. ( I should have taken a pic)

For the binding I did black with white polka-dots.   I'm really happy with my
stitching.  My finger tips do hurt though...lol!

Here is the finished product.  I'm really happy with it.

I'll post a pic of it not folded.....I don't know why I didn't!  Oh well it will be up soon when I get a chance to take it.

I had a question...... is it like bad that I used these fabric charms from Wallyworld?  I mean I thought they were cute....and yes I've seen all the other fabrics out there too!  But, does not using the fabric from a well known fabric line make my quilt bad, or cheap?   Just asking......I've been reading other blogs and alllllll that is talked about is the fabric lines.....I'm not saying that I would never use them, I'm just starting off and I'm not sure about things just yet.  

Well hope you like my post!!  Please comment if you've read this.......Give me tips!! Thanks!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Not so Mellow Yellow!

Well I've been staying up late reorganizing my craft/sewing room!!  It's coming along great I'll post pics soon of how it looks.  So during my late nite organizing I'd stop to cut a couple of  blocks for my quilt.  I finally finished that part.  (sorry about the pic quality, these are from my phone, I have way too many pics on my big camera, so this post would be super late if I downloaded the pics from there. My computer can't hold any more pic., lol!)

Different cut blocks

I did add more blues and grays...this may not be every one's favorite color scheme, but I like it! We'll have to wait and see how it comes out.  I think I will call this Quilt "Not so mellow Yellow".  Naming a quilt is not so easy, lol!

Put in easy to grab stacks

So far all of the rows are sewn, now to sew the rows together, FUN!! lol!  They were done on Tuesday. I just had to finish organizing my room, plus I have to buy more thread before I start again.....that I will be doing today!  I should have the top done by Sunday.  Now I have to decide on the back and the binding.... please leave some suggestions.

So glad that today is Friday!!  Its been a fast week for me.  I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy weekend!!  If you're reading this and you're getting some rain, please send some to Texas....especially the surrounding smaller cities of Houston.  Thanks!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bring me your blankets....I'll fix them!

Last night I impressed my honey buns by sewing the binding that had come loose on two of our blankets......Yay for me!!  I know it's not a big deal....but it was for me! ☺  Plus, how would I ever explain to my mother-in-law that her son strangled himself with the blanket in his sleep...lol!!  Believe me I've waken up with it wrapped around my shoulder or leg....not fun when you're half asleep, tangled up and have to go pee! Well now that that's done, I'll have to find other little projects to fix up! 

So yeah since I'm doing my first.....really simple quilt...I think I'll keep it for myself.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting things started

Well.... (in a very exasperated tone)  lol!!   No one ever told me that I would become a "Fabric Addict"!  (i♥the term) It was sooooo hard not to pick up every single color, design or size I liked!!  Plus all the tools!!  OMG!! 

Well I think I have all the fabrics I need to make a quilt for my M-I-L.  I might add a couple more colors - maybe!   I told my honey that I would make quilts for both of our moms for Christmas!  I think I should have them done by then! Also, gonna make baby quilts for my nieces, 2 will have 1st birthdays before the end of the year and the other turns 2 in Feb.  I think I'm gonna have my hands busy for a while.

Another thing.....I never notice or realized what a big blogging community there is for quilters/crafts!  It's exciting to know that I can follow someone to learn skills or techniques.

I'll post pics of the fabrics I chose later on........

Everyone have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Honey bought me a new toy!!

Yay!!  I finally got my sewing machine!!!  A Singer - Brilliance.....it's amazing and a little intimidating!!  I'll try not to pull my hair out!   Last nite I set it up, threaded it and made a little stitched pillow with my initial!!  It's cute..lol!  Now I have to learn all these sewing terms!  Oh and all the quilting terms too! 

Now that school applications are turned in, tests are done and books put away.....I can finally breath!  I've been sooooo bogged down with this stuff.  But now I feel great!!  Now I can sew up something creative!

Since, I'm a newbie at sewing with a machine....I'll be testing it out for a while! Practice makes perfect....right?!?!  lol!

Plus, I've been cleaning out my craft/sewing room! <- yay... I can finally add the sewing part! <squeal>!! 

I finally got  a closet I can use too! Why you ask...well since I hate bugs and all the creepy, crawly thing out there....I don't have one thing up in the attic!  I live in Texas and we have brown recluse spiders and all of the other spider families....I'm scared to put anything up there.  Yes, it's all in plastic bins! But, I just moved them in the other spare bedrooms closet!!  So now that's the HOLIDAY closet!  Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Thanksgiving....etc! 

I think one of the projects I'm gonna try out is a Quilt!  Yay!