Monday, January 31, 2011


I went on my first audition on Friday!! It was scary and exciting at the same time, I thought about turning around like 4 times.  I've been called to other auditions but I never went, I was too scared or nervous to go.  After doing this audition my mind is made up that I will go to all of them from no on.  ☺  I mean all I'm doing is playing a character, what am I afraid of.  I thought it would be something totally different.  While sitting there with others that are auditioning for the same part, I felt weird, I couldn't talk to them or even look at them. HELLOOOO we're!!  I'm gonna have to approach that differently next time.

It's for the lead role in a non-paid, short-film.  Which is fine, even if I don't get the part I need the experience of going to auditions.  The director and producers said I did very good for this being my 1st audition.  I'm not sure if it's just what they say or they actually meant it....oh well!  Should hear something this week!! 

Well I know I won't become famous overnight, it's hard work until you can catch a lucky break!!  I hope mine is soon! ☺

"You have to crawl, before you walk"

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