Sunday, January 23, 2011

House project 500,000!

So our project this weekend was painting our bedroom!  We love to work on our house, but it is hard work!!  I don't think my profession could be a painter, a construction worker, or a gardener! That stuff is backbreaking!  My arms feel like they're gonna fall off, and my feet hurt from all the up and down and standing on the ladder!  We've pretty much painted the whole inside by ourselves, and we always get complimented on how good it looks. I always say "Why thank you, I have mad skills with the paintbrush."! lol!

We're done and it looks absolutely gorgeous....a very nice Blue color.  It's very, very modern looking!  We were very happy the way it came out, I'm now thinking that I want to paint my laundry room this color.  That's another project for another time. ☺ 

And adding to the new technological experiences or laziness for me....I ordered a pizza online! It's amazing, I guess anything can be done online now!  I know that ordering online has been available for a couple of years, but I just never got into it, I like to talk to real people when I order food!! lol!

Okay....have to get ready for the next football game  Jets vs. Steelers!!   I'm gonna have to go with my pretend boyfriends team  the Jets....and my pretend boyfriend is Mark Sanchez...YUMMY!!    They really need to bring it today against the Steelers.

Later peeps!!  Comment or follow!  Thanks!

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