Sunday, January 2, 2011

First work week of the year!!

I'm soooo dreading going back to work tomorrow! I know it was only Thursday that I was there...but that's so last year.   Okay instead of making a ridiculous resolution, I am calling it a "promise" - (yes..please do the quotations with your hands in the air) that I would attempt to wake up early and actually do something with my hair instead of the usual pony tail and also to get to work early.

This year will be my 11th year with the company....and basically I've been late every single day!  I honestly don't know why they haven't let me go...Oh, probably cause they do see some value in having me there!!  That's the only thing that I can come up with.  Anyways that's one of the things I'm gonna try to do this year. 

Also I will try and lose 10lbs or 5....let me go ahead and make it 5, you know keep it easy!  Well try to lose 5 pounds by my birthday.  I think that's reasonable, I don't want to get burned out with 7 days a week exercise and the thought of losing 75lbs by summer....yeah...highly unlikely!!  But, I already cheated! Honey and I already hit up McDonald' this weight thing will be a work in progress...hehehe!!

Okay, that's it for tonight! I have to get to bed if I wanna keep that whole getting to work early thing alive!!

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