Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodfellas but for real!!

I'm not talking about Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, or Ray Liotta!!  This is real life mobsters that were arrested on Thursday. *** Go F.B.I!! **  I'm mean "REAL MOBSTER", this seems so unreal to me.  Yeah, I know get with the program FIFI....Yes, I know they've been arrested before, but mobster...really!! 

It's just you only see this kind of stuff in the movies!  No, I'm not some kind of country bumpkin that lives out in the boonies of rural Texas and knows nothing about life.  I'm not naive to the fact that bad stuff is happening illegally.  HELLOOOO......Texas/Mexico border, Cartel wars....that's crazy stuff.  I'm really scared about that kind of thing. Here's an example:  for our vacation this year we decided to do a cross-county drive, stop at a few places like the Grand Canyon/ Restaurants we've seen on DDD, then end up in SanDiego! *i♥SanDiego!  But I-10 West goes straight through ElPaso, I told honey I don't care if we add 10hours to the drive, I don't care if it will be day time and you speed I refused to do it.  So we took another way and made a stop in Albuquerque, N.M...(okay I'll have to blog abt my summer vacation some other time)  I went off the subject.

Where was I, oh yeah Mobsters!   To see this kind of thing happening on TV was kind of funny....some of the guys they showed weren't little fellas...and it just made me think of Big Italian families feasting away on Sunday nights.  Meatballs and Pasta!!  Mangia time!   Also the nicknames wow...I'll post some in a bit. I can't be to judgemental on the nicknames cause, some Latinos do have some dumb ones too!! lol!! 

But I read, in total there were 125 mobsters that were arrested. Among those arrested Thursday were union officials, two former police officers and a suspect in Italy. High-ranking members of the Gambino and Colombo crime families.

This has Scorsese all over it.... Goodfellas - the After Years, lol!! Just a thought!

Okay here is a list I found by the person listed below:

[ / @joecoscarelli]

20. VINCENT AULISI, also known as "The Vet"
19. GIOVANNI VELLA, also known as "John Vella," "Mousey" and "Little John"
18. STEPHEN DEPIRO, also known as "Beach"
17. ANTHONY CAVEZZA, also known as "Tony Bagels"
16. JOHN BRANCACCIO, also known as"Johnny Bandana"
15. ANTHINO RUSSO, also known as "Hootie"
14. FRANK BELLANTONI, also known as "Meatball"
13. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, also known as "Burger"
12. VINCENZO FROGIERO, also known as "Vinny Carwash"
11. JOSEPH CARNA, also known as "Junior Lollipops"
10. DENNIS DELUCIA, also known as "Fat Dennis," "Little Dennis" and "the Beard"
9. LUIGI MANOCCHIO, also known as "Baby Shacks," "The Old Man," and "the Professor"
8. ANTHONY DURSO, also known as "Baby Fat Larry" and "BFL"
7. GIUSEPPE DESTEFANO, also known as "Pooch"
6. JOHN AZZARELLI, also known as "Johnny Cash"
5. ANDREW RUSSO, also known as "Mush"
4. VINCENT FEBBRARO, also known as "Jimmy Gooch"
3. BENJAMIN CASTELLAZZO, also known as "Benji," "The Claw" and "the Fang"
2. ANTHONY LICATA, also known as "Cheeks," "Anthony Firehawk," "Anthony Nighthawk," "Nighthawk" and "Firehawk"
1. JOHN HARTMANN, also known as "Lumpy," "Fatty" and "Fats"

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