Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well I didn't win the millions!!

I was reading on that the numbers used to win were the same numbers that Hurley from that show LOST used.  Crazy!!

Anyways... honey and I won 2 bucks....I wish I'd get at least 1 million for getting the Mega Ball #!!  I have no luck with scratch-off tickets either.  The most that I've ever won was $20.00 dollars, and I used that to pay for my drivers license.

Okay, yesterday was a fun day!! No, not really but it wasn't that bad.  I had a dentist appointment to go and have my permanent crown put in, but with my amazing luck the tooth was too wide!!  Great, now I have to wait about 3 more weeks to have it put on.  All because I was doing absolutely nothing but talking...i felt my tooth was chipped.  I went it, thought I could get a quick fix super glue filling......NO!! had to get a root canal! What the heck, teeth are freaking expensive!! Oh, well it has to be done, I don't want to be another toothless!!

I'm also super sleepy, honey and I stayed up watching Season 2 of TRUEBLOOD.....a Christmas gift from him!!   I sooooooooo ♥ this show!!  and the books...I've read them all! (The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris)   and I have super duper crushes on Sam, Eric and Alcide from the the show....can you say YUMMY!  We'll  continue watching more tonight.  So I'll probably be sleepy tomorrow too!!

I ♥ to read so recommend books!

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