Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This week is already dragging!

(hmmm my spell checker is not working, so I'm sorry for any words that are spelled wrong!  I rely too much on spell check)   (",) <----

Only because I'm on vacation next week! yay!!!!!

We haven't quite reached our millionaire status, lol!  So, until then I have to work and I'm gonna be ridiculously impatient....And I have to be at work...communicating with people I really don't enjoy talking to, lol!! So hurry up Friday!! 

This year we're keeping our vacation local....which is great! Texas is a big ole state with sooooo much to do!! So we're gonna enjoy our home state! 

Well, this past weekend was awesooooome!!!  Why you ask, Hello Harry Potter!!  Yes, I'm a big nerd!  This movie was so good and I'm sad that it's ending.  Oh well...HP couldn't go on forever!   I guess I'll just reread the books!

There are soooo many Summer movies that I want to watch.....and most are chick flicks!!   I'm glad that my honey will take me and watch the movie with me!!  Any who, I saw the preview for the new Sherlock Holmes.... \(",)/  AWESOME...  I can't wait till Christmas!  One movie I "will not" be watching is the new Final Destination -  I'm a big weenie when it comes to this kind of movie. lol!

So, what's your favorite movie or what are you waiting to see?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So would any of you fine folks out there like to come and help me clean up/organize my computer room?? 


Well no takers I guess!   Honey says I need to get all of "my" junk out of here.....and take it to my space!!  Hell-ooo my craft/sewing room is not a dumping ground for all the stuff you don't want. Humphhh!   Annnnnd he has the nerve to call me a hoarder....(in a loving way, lol)!!  Hah!!  It's not considered hoarding if it's organized....That's what Ikea says!! lol!  So put that in your juice box and suck it!!  hahaha!

Okay....I'll write again tomorrow!!  I have chores that need to get done!!!    BLEHHHHHH!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sewed up a gift for a friend!

So I kind of waited till Friday night to make these!  Why???  Oh because I'm the worlds biggest procrastinator....just saying! ☺ I am, just ask my hubby! lol! annnnnnd I didn't go to bed till like 4am.

Any ways, I made these for my friend as a housewarming gift. I knew she'd appreciate them and she did!  Plus, you can never have to many coaster, mugrugs or what ever you want to call them!  They help to prevent drink rings on your nice new furniture!  Also, can I just say that she has the most awesome-est pantry in world.....I would punch babies in the face for one of those suckers!!  ( I really wouldn't hit babies) (maybe) lol!!  Sorry....I like crazy quotes like this!!  I'm a fan of quotes, and I sometimes use them!

Well back to the gift..... I'm like a pre-novice sewer, so these are not like all professional, but I did try my best to make them look good. 

**** No fat quarters were hurt in the making of these.... I used my scrap stash! ('',)

And here is the finished product!!  I love making and giving gifts!! 

I used my scrap stash because I wanted them to all be different....but I did incorporate the blue in all of them.  And all of the backs are made from blue jeans (gosh...I always forget to take pics of the backs)!!  Washed of course....I told my friend not to worry, the pieces I used were not from the crotch or the butt area! lol!   She said she'd be worried if I brought over anything made from satin material....a.k.a (undies) lol!!  We had a good laugh about that one.

Here are all the tops done, now time to put them together.  A piece of batting and the backing is blue jean.  Theses are a little bigger than normal, I made them 5 inches x 5 inches.

Can you see my tape, I'm not very good at sewing in straight lines.  Each coaster had a different stitching.  Thanks for the help....tape!

I'm kind of proud of myself on these lil triangles.  Even honey was impressed with my lines!

Made one with their last name initial. 

I liked the way this one came out!!

Here they are all squared up and ready for the binding.....This is where I had to stop....I was soooooooo sleepy.  Staying up till 4 am is never a good idea, unless I'm getting paid for it!!

I woke up at 8 am, and finished these off!  I really like the way they turned out!!  Again...I could kick myself for not taking a pic of the backing!! ugh!! 


I really hope you enjoyed the post!!  Leave a comment! Follow me, or send your friends on over!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

yay....a small milestone! This is my 50th post!! (big whoop, right)

Wow, 50 posts!  It only took me like 8 months to do it! lol! Well whatever......

So, down here near Houston we've been getting very small rain showers.....It like pours in one area and does nothing in another!!  That nothingness is generally located around my house!!  REALLY!!  Come on clouds.....make some rain, my plants are thirsty for it!  Yes, we water but nothing is better than the rain.  Well I hope it rains over my house today.....highly unlikely, but a gal can wish.... right!

Well, I'm working on a new sewing project....(pictures will be up soon)!  I'm refashioning a summer dress, I had to buy it! Well that was 2 years ago, lol! It was on clearance for 5 bucks...yay!!   Why are you refashioning it, you ask.... well it's like 5 feet too long, and I'm very short....thanks mom!!  Why did I get stuck at like 5 nothing and my sister is 5'5 annnnnd I'm older than her.....('~')....okay that's for another day!!   Back to the dress..... it's way too long and the top is some elastic-e thing with two strings that tie around your neck.  1) i have no neck. 2) the girls can pop out unexpectedly.....which probably wouldn't be a problem for some....but I have dignity....and my gals don't like to be exposed like that...lol!

okay....i got a pic....of the before!!

....I'll post more later.....

Hope everyone that reads my blog has a great day....I know people are reading...just wish they would leave a comment!! ☺

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new project!

Hello world!!  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful July 4th!!  I'm proud to be a free American and I'm thankful for all the men and women who are out there serving to make that happen!

Well us folks down here near Houston couldn't pop any fireworks........boooooo!!  But with the severe drought and very little rain that is understandable.   Oh well, maybe next year! ☺  Plus this heat was crazy devil hot!!!  We didn't even venture out to Downtown Houston, for the Freedom over Texas shindig!!   Honey and I had a very relaxing and stress-free holiday!!  I loved it!!

Didn't craft or sew this weekend.....but here is a sneak peek at the next project.  Enjoy!

Well, everyone enjoy your day!!