Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you Weather Gods for the crazy weather in and around Houston!

Everyone don't forget the 3 P's tonight.....Pipes, Pets, and Plants!

We have the pipes taken care of.  Luckily for us we have the laziest, fattest cats in the world and they aren't allowed outside so they're safe and ready to snuggle in their beds and stuff their fat faces all night!   

Aaaaand I froze off my fingers yesterday bringing in what plants I could and covering the rest!! I have a rubber tree that I have growing in the ground, and it means alot to me that it doesn't freeze.  I got the piece that I rooted from a family friends tree, that has been in their family for a very looooooooong time.....I try to remember but I wanna say like 100 years.  It was part of her Grandmothers rubber plant.  So it's kind of special.

I ♥ the cold but not when it's 32 degrees one day and 82 degrees the next.......I guess that's Houston for ya!!  Technically we don't live in Houston, but we're in the same county sooo I guess it's all the same! 

Be safe and enjoy the snuggling! ♥☺

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