Monday, January 17, 2011

Date Night, movie nite

Well tonight we will be stuffing our faces with football/golden globes leftovers!! Yummmm...did I mention how delicious my honey's burgers are.....OMG...he puts in brown sugar and who knows what else...but they are SOOOOO goooooood.  If we ever were to open a restaurant, these would be like the #1 item on the menu.  for real!

Ok, enough of my honey's awesome burger plugs!! lol!!    We will be watching TrueGrit aaaaand The Fighter tonight!!  I'm not usually a big fan of movie remakes, but I am a fan of Matt Damon and I think Jeff Bridges is Awesome! (you have to see Crazy Heart)<------this movie rocks!   As for The Fighter, it just looks absolutely amazing....Christian Bale is a superb actor and Mark Wahlberg is a great actor too!!  Not to mention absolutely handsome. What was up with Christian's long hair?  He said it was due to unemployment!!  I guess!! It's not like he's broke, lol!!  and he still looked hot!

Well,  I'll write later... I have to go work out before my honey gets home!! 

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