Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow possibility in Houston! Geez it's a high of 76 today!!

Wow Houston weather can you make up your mind!!  This is why so many people get sick!  We're turning the A/C on then the heater in the same dang week....or day!! Well at least I got to wear my heels today!! 

76 today....then possibility of snow on Friday.....oh lord!


I went on my first audition on Friday!! It was scary and exciting at the same time, I thought about turning around like 4 times.  I've been called to other auditions but I never went, I was too scared or nervous to go.  After doing this audition my mind is made up that I will go to all of them from no on.  ☺  I mean all I'm doing is playing a character, what am I afraid of.  I thought it would be something totally different.  While sitting there with others that are auditioning for the same part, I felt weird, I couldn't talk to them or even look at them. HELLOOOO we're!!  I'm gonna have to approach that differently next time.

It's for the lead role in a non-paid, short-film.  Which is fine, even if I don't get the part I need the experience of going to auditions.  The director and producers said I did very good for this being my 1st audition.  I'm not sure if it's just what they say or they actually meant it....oh well!  Should hear something this week!! 

Well I know I won't become famous overnight, it's hard work until you can catch a lucky break!!  I hope mine is soon! ☺

"You have to crawl, before you walk"

My Grandpa

It was 2yrs on 1/27 since my Grandpa has been gone. I am the 3rd oldest grandchild of 12 and 1st oldest granddaughter of 8. These are some of the memories that I will never forget. He taught me how to drive when my parents wouldn't & yelled at me the whole time, lol! He scared all the grand kids to not touch his stuff, if not he'd smash your hands with a hammer or cut your fingers off, lol! He was missing part of 2 of his fingers and always said Grandma cut them off cause she was mad at him.  He always bought us a coke & a candy when my mom would take us to visit him at work. He could be scary, but he was sweet & joked with you. He loved to be outside working in the yard. I have pics. of him always making silly faces.  He helped to raise us when my dad wasn't around.  He had his rules that didn't make sense when I was younger, but now I know why he had them. And sadly the last memory I will never forget will be of him taking his last breath in the hospital.  Whether my memories are happy or sad this is all I have left of him......

 I love and miss you grandpa!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy life!!

okay, I haven't written anything in a while...I've been sooooo busy!!  but I'm watching the SAG Awards now...I'll write in a while!!

I've been trying to catch up on all the nominated movies!! Yesterday honey and I went to go see The King's Speech!!! 

Oh My!! This movie was phenomenal and should win Best Picture and Geoffrey Rush was amazing and should definitely win for supporting actor. And of course Colin Firth for Best Actor!! Duh...he's so handsome and I've had a crush on Mark Darcy since Bridget Jones!

great great great movie!!!

okay later!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

House project 500,000!

So our project this weekend was painting our bedroom!  We love to work on our house, but it is hard work!!  I don't think my profession could be a painter, a construction worker, or a gardener! That stuff is backbreaking!  My arms feel like they're gonna fall off, and my feet hurt from all the up and down and standing on the ladder!  We've pretty much painted the whole inside by ourselves, and we always get complimented on how good it looks. I always say "Why thank you, I have mad skills with the paintbrush."! lol!

We're done and it looks absolutely gorgeous....a very nice Blue color.  It's very, very modern looking!  We were very happy the way it came out, I'm now thinking that I want to paint my laundry room this color.  That's another project for another time. ☺ 

And adding to the new technological experiences or laziness for me....I ordered a pizza online! It's amazing, I guess anything can be done online now!  I know that ordering online has been available for a couple of years, but I just never got into it, I like to talk to real people when I order food!! lol!

Okay....have to get ready for the next football game  Jets vs. Steelers!!   I'm gonna have to go with my pretend boyfriends team  the Jets....and my pretend boyfriend is Mark Sanchez...YUMMY!!    They really need to bring it today against the Steelers.

Later peeps!!  Comment or follow!  Thanks!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodfellas but for real!!

I'm not talking about Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, or Ray Liotta!!  This is real life mobsters that were arrested on Thursday. *** Go F.B.I!! **  I'm mean "REAL MOBSTER", this seems so unreal to me.  Yeah, I know get with the program FIFI....Yes, I know they've been arrested before, but mobster...really!! 

It's just you only see this kind of stuff in the movies!  No, I'm not some kind of country bumpkin that lives out in the boonies of rural Texas and knows nothing about life.  I'm not naive to the fact that bad stuff is happening illegally.  HELLOOOO......Texas/Mexico border, Cartel wars....that's crazy stuff.  I'm really scared about that kind of thing. Here's an example:  for our vacation this year we decided to do a cross-county drive, stop at a few places like the Grand Canyon/ Restaurants we've seen on DDD, then end up in SanDiego! *i♥SanDiego!  But I-10 West goes straight through ElPaso, I told honey I don't care if we add 10hours to the drive, I don't care if it will be day time and you speed I refused to do it.  So we took another way and made a stop in Albuquerque, N.M...(okay I'll have to blog abt my summer vacation some other time)  I went off the subject.

Where was I, oh yeah Mobsters!   To see this kind of thing happening on TV was kind of funny....some of the guys they showed weren't little fellas...and it just made me think of Big Italian families feasting away on Sunday nights.  Meatballs and Pasta!!  Mangia time!   Also the nicknames wow...I'll post some in a bit. I can't be to judgemental on the nicknames cause, some Latinos do have some dumb ones too!! lol!! 

But I read, in total there were 125 mobsters that were arrested. Among those arrested Thursday were union officials, two former police officers and a suspect in Italy. High-ranking members of the Gambino and Colombo crime families.

This has Scorsese all over it.... Goodfellas - the After Years, lol!! Just a thought!

Okay here is a list I found by the person listed below:

[ / @joecoscarelli]

20. VINCENT AULISI, also known as "The Vet"
19. GIOVANNI VELLA, also known as "John Vella," "Mousey" and "Little John"
18. STEPHEN DEPIRO, also known as "Beach"
17. ANTHONY CAVEZZA, also known as "Tony Bagels"
16. JOHN BRANCACCIO, also known as"Johnny Bandana"
15. ANTHINO RUSSO, also known as "Hootie"
14. FRANK BELLANTONI, also known as "Meatball"
13. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, also known as "Burger"
12. VINCENZO FROGIERO, also known as "Vinny Carwash"
11. JOSEPH CARNA, also known as "Junior Lollipops"
10. DENNIS DELUCIA, also known as "Fat Dennis," "Little Dennis" and "the Beard"
9. LUIGI MANOCCHIO, also known as "Baby Shacks," "The Old Man," and "the Professor"
8. ANTHONY DURSO, also known as "Baby Fat Larry" and "BFL"
7. GIUSEPPE DESTEFANO, also known as "Pooch"
6. JOHN AZZARELLI, also known as "Johnny Cash"
5. ANDREW RUSSO, also known as "Mush"
4. VINCENT FEBBRARO, also known as "Jimmy Gooch"
3. BENJAMIN CASTELLAZZO, also known as "Benji," "The Claw" and "the Fang"
2. ANTHONY LICATA, also known as "Cheeks," "Anthony Firehawk," "Anthony Nighthawk," "Nighthawk" and "Firehawk"
1. JOHN HARTMANN, also known as "Lumpy," "Fatty" and "Fats"

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is coming to Houston

Lives were taken away far to early, but there is a miracle that is shining through that darkness.  No one thought that Rep. Giffords would survive.  She is a fighter and look how far she has come in such a short time.  Mark Kelly her husband and Astronaut based here in Houston believes she has tried to speak and can recognize those around her.  I can't even imagine what he is going through, seeing your loved one hurt by the stupidity, negligence, hate, and darkness of one person.

Rep. Giffords; Mark Kelly; Trauma Surgeon Dr. Rhee; Giffords' mother will be on a medical flight to Hobby Airport in Houston. They are all expected to arrive here around noon.  Then she will be flown by helicopter to Memorial Herman TIRR facility in the Texas Medical Center. 

Despite the steady progress, Giffords has a long road to recovery. Doctors are not sure what, if any, disability she will have.  All we can do is pray and let the Doctors do their jobs and hope for the best.

Tonite there will be a candlelight vigil at the Memorial Herman Tirr Facility, I believe at 7pm.  I'm not sure how this works, since I've never been to one. But I'm thinking you'd want to get there early.  I personally can't go I live to far out from the Med. Center it's about an hour drive on a good day with no traffic....

*this is the only thing I will write about this jerk, he doesn't deserve my thoughts and time.

The suspect in the attack, Jared Loughner, 22, of Tucson, is being held in federal custody.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow, Wow, Wow for the Fighter!

Oh my, this had to be one of the best movies I've seen!!   Can I just say....Christian Bale is sooooo amazing!!  Like I said-he is SUPERB!!!   I think it is absolutely mind blowing how he just becomes the character he is portraying.   His method of acting is incredible and intense. Christian believes he is the person, so it's believable to the viewer. I just love him...except when he throws little temper tantrums...but can you really blame him.   I'm sure it is distracting if he is in character and someone just pops onto the set while you're doing a scene.

*side note -  I'm still kind of sad Jo (Winona Ryder) rejected Laurie (Christian Bale) for that guy (Gabriel Byrne) on 1994's Little Women,  Well he married her little I guess it was nice to keep it in the family!! lol!

Didn't get a chance to watch True Grit......we had to watch our guilty pleasure Jersey Shore!!  I know it's a disgusting habit but I can't help it!!  ☺ Plus, I just had to see Snooki all plastered on the beach.  That show is like a train wreck happening and you can't seem to turn away!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Date Night, movie nite

Well tonight we will be stuffing our faces with football/golden globes leftovers!! Yummmm...did I mention how delicious my honey's burgers are.....OMG...he puts in brown sugar and who knows what else...but they are SOOOOO goooooood.  If we ever were to open a restaurant, these would be like the #1 item on the menu.  for real!

Ok, enough of my honey's awesome burger plugs!! lol!!    We will be watching TrueGrit aaaaand The Fighter tonight!!  I'm not usually a big fan of movie remakes, but I am a fan of Matt Damon and I think Jeff Bridges is Awesome! (you have to see Crazy Heart)<------this movie rocks!   As for The Fighter, it just looks absolutely amazing....Christian Bale is a superb actor and Mark Wahlberg is a great actor too!!  Not to mention absolutely handsome. What was up with Christian's long hair?  He said it was due to unemployment!!  I guess!! It's not like he's broke, lol!!  and he still looked hot!

Well,  I'll write later... I have to go work out before my honey gets home!! 

Leave comments, so I know that people are actually reading, even if it's to say hi!

Golden Globes & Food (my kind of Sunday)

*(same foods from my last!)



I love to see all the fashion, I love to see all of the nominated actors or actresses, I love it!! 

The Host of the evening was Ricky Gervais.....this was his second year doing it.

Gervais had tons to say as the night progressed, poking fun at Hugh Hefner, Charlie Sheen, Cher, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Scientologists and Robert Downey Jr., among others. My fave was when he said Bruce Willis was Ashton Kutcher's!

"The Social Network" won top honors at the Golden Globes. Winning best drama and director, probably making it a Academy Awards favorite.

Winning the award for actor/actress in a lead role was Colin Firth for "The King's Speech" and Natalie Portman for "Black Swan."   I personally have not seen The Kings speech, Colin is an awesome actor so I can't wait to see that.  I did see Black  Swan....this movie was Amazing and intense and Beautifully done.   Natalie deserved this award...and I can say she will probably win the Academy Award for this movie too!! 

Lead-acting honors for the Globes' musical or comedy categories went to Annette Bening for the lesbian-family story "The Kids Are All Right" and Paul Giamatti for the "Barney's Version."  I have yet to see these.

The boxing drama "The Fighter" earned both supporting actor Globes, for Christian Bale <--- this dude is fierce and Melissa Leo.

David Fincher, directing winner for "The Social Network,"   I know I'm late, but I haven't seen this one either!

Portman thanked the film's choreographer, her fiance Benjamin Millepied, with whom she's expecting a child. (Congrats)  He also appears in the movie, and his character doesn't want to sleep with hers.
"He's the best actor! It's not true, he totally wants to sleep with me," Portman said, giggling.  (tmi)  we know he wanted two are having a!!

Among TV winners, "Glee" won three prizes, best comedy and supporting-acting prizes for Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. "Boardwalk Empire" won two prizes, for best drama and dramatic actor for Steve Buscemi.  I love, love, love Boardwalk Empire.....well deserved win for Steve Buscemi.

Annette Bening won the musical or comedy actress prize in a field that included "The Kids Are All Right" co-star Julianne Moore. The film stars Bening and Moore as a couple whose family falls into turmoil after their teen children seek out the sperm donor that fathered them.
"I'm very proud to be a part of this very special film about two women who are deeply in love and try to keep their family together," Bening said. "My partner, Julianne Moore, I have to thank first. She asked me to do the picture with her. She made it possible for us to shoot it where we shot it, when we did, so Julianne -- you are a class act, thank you."     I have yet to see this one looks amazing!  Julianne and Annette are two beautiful and classic women in the film industry.

Robert De Niro received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career achievement. I'm not sure about his acceptance speech...we'll see if anyone says anything about that!

Over all it was a great show....even if I did only get to see Robert Pattinson, for like 3 seconds....he was handsome!  There were a lot of other movies and show that won but it's too many to name!!

Can't wait for the Academy Awards.....I hope to someday go and maybe accept an award!!  One day!

Football & Food

Obviously we had tons to eat!! 

Sunday football with friends is the best and Sunday football with friends during the playoffs is even better! My love grilled up some burgers, Italian sausage, hotdogs....we had nachos, drinks, beer, donuts.... It was awesome!!  My love makes THE Best Burgers!!!!!!

Sadly...I'm not a football know-it-all, I'm a woman who is limited in the whole football knowledge. I only know you get points for a touchdown, points for field goals, I know the hand signal the ref does for a false start, aaaaaaannnd I always giggle at the word "Tight-end"....It just doesn't sound appropriate, lol!!  Hubby has tried to explain....but to no avail I just don't get it.   I mean I enjoy the game just don't talk it to me...and honey is happy that I don't ask it's a win-win situation.

ok,  the last four teams left for the playoffs are:
  • Packers
  • Jets
  • Bears
  • Steelers
I have no predictions because it's not that important to me....if I had to choose a team it would solely be because I have a mad crush on one of the players....who you ask?

Mark Sanchez - Jets
This dude is SEXY!!!  So, yeah my choosing this team doesn't count.....If they do win...then great congrats to the Jets.


I'd like to share my condolences to my father-in-law in the loss of his mother and my husband in the loss of his grandmother.  She passed away Saturday night, surrounded with family.  

Though I personally never had the pleasure of meeting her, I'm positive that she was an exceptional woman.  I'm sure she had a full and wonderful life.  She was 93 years of age.  

She will be dearly missed !

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you Weather Gods for the crazy weather in and around Houston!

Everyone don't forget the 3 P's tonight.....Pipes, Pets, and Plants!

We have the pipes taken care of.  Luckily for us we have the laziest, fattest cats in the world and they aren't allowed outside so they're safe and ready to snuggle in their beds and stuff their fat faces all night!   

Aaaaand I froze off my fingers yesterday bringing in what plants I could and covering the rest!! I have a rubber tree that I have growing in the ground, and it means alot to me that it doesn't freeze.  I got the piece that I rooted from a family friends tree, that has been in their family for a very looooooooong time.....I try to remember but I wanna say like 100 years.  It was part of her Grandmothers rubber plant.  So it's kind of special.

I ♥ the cold but not when it's 32 degrees one day and 82 degrees the next.......I guess that's Houston for ya!!  Technically we don't live in Houston, but we're in the same county sooo I guess it's all the same! 

Be safe and enjoy the snuggling! ♥☺

Bubba, we miss you friend!

Happy Birthday dear friend, 

We miss you so much! 

Rest in Peace


We can ask why, but never really know why.   Friends and family can be gone in an instant.  Please tell them you love them, you may not get the chance tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Obvious Opportunity

Everyday is an opportunity to do or be something great, amazing, kind, sweet, helpful - I could go on and on!  Why can't people see that? It's obvious because we woke up.

When you wake up, take your first breath of the waking hour and decide what good you will do today! I've decided to better myself and the things around me.  I can't let society, work, family or whatever keep me down or from doing the things I need to do to make it.  I have better and greater things still waiting on me.  One day I think we'll eventually come to a meeting point. 

I've become so complacent at my job, so used to doing the same daily routine....I've forgotten stuff, simple little stuff like spelling, lol!!  A while ago I was writing a letter and spelled out the word "tomorrow" - i kept staring at like is this right?  I told my honey I think my job is making me dumb!! lol!   My goal is to not retire at this "JOB", lol! This is the reason I've started reading more books, started this blog.  I've become more involved in the community and  with my friends!!  I needed to broaden my horizon's, continue learning more and more thing!!  Knowledge is power!

Today I was talking to one of my good friends and co-workers about how life has become!!  We both can see the stuff that goes on in the world.  We can see how things need to change.  We can see how we both need to make a change in our lives.  I believe we're moving in the right direction!! Oh and a shout out to him and his lady --> They just got engaged over the Holidays!!  ♥

I think "WE" all need to make changes to better this world!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cabs are HERE-YAH!!

Yes...I say with great sadness that my guilty pleasure is watching JerseyShore, lol!!!  This show is like a bad accident waiting to happen, and I can't seem to pull my eyes away!  This show has it all - drama, backstabbing, sex, gossip, girl fights, drunkenness it's totally awesome ☺!

It's crazy how popular it has become and you can see the success....everyone is driving BMW's, Mercedes, and Big Daddy Caddy's!!  Some of that money should be saved and not wasted on TANS ---> aka Snookie......Maybe it's just me, but she did look extra orangy-er....I know this isn't a word but it's my word!  But yeah, I'm sorry she looked horrendous. 

This season looks like it's gonna be good!!  I can't wait till they bring out the Grenade Whistle!! lol! Yes they do use words not regularly used around the US or I should say with different meanings from around the such terms as:

Blow-out (n.): An extremely sculpted male hair style that means uses tons of styling gel and a hair dryer so that ultimately the guy's hair looks frozen

Creep (v.): Checking out someone for a potential hook-up, preferably with someone under the influence of alcohol

Fist pump (n.): A dance move used to show excitement while clubbing

Fred Flintstone toe (n.): The negative description of a woman's big toe

Grenade (n.): A less attractive girl to give to a friend (or a wing man) so she doesn't get in the way of a good time with her hot friend

GTL (n.): Three letters that stand for the routine of going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry

Heated (adj.): Fired-up, angry; often as a precursor to fighting

Juiced (adj.): Very well built with lots of muscles often earned through the use of steroids

Pouf (n.): A hair style in which a large amount of hair is piled on top of the head

Pound it out (v.): To engage in sexual relations

Robbery (n.): The act of stealing another male's most recent female conquest

Smush (v.): To have sex

Vibe (v.): To be attracted to another person

and others such as  DTF, LandMine, and Hippo.....

A show that I might potentially watch is Skins....looks interesting!  I can't wait for my other shows to Nurse Jackie, UnitedStatesOFTara!!  I think I probably watch to much TV!!  I'm obsessed with shows like Hoarders, Storage Wars, and The Bad Girls Clubs!  I know it's crazy but I can't stop watching. That is exactly why I don't have a DVR...I would never leave the house  and that would be sad! lol!

Okay...I'll write again later!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well I didn't win the millions!!

I was reading on that the numbers used to win were the same numbers that Hurley from that show LOST used.  Crazy!!

Anyways... honey and I won 2 bucks....I wish I'd get at least 1 million for getting the Mega Ball #!!  I have no luck with scratch-off tickets either.  The most that I've ever won was $20.00 dollars, and I used that to pay for my drivers license.

Okay, yesterday was a fun day!! No, not really but it wasn't that bad.  I had a dentist appointment to go and have my permanent crown put in, but with my amazing luck the tooth was too wide!!  Great, now I have to wait about 3 more weeks to have it put on.  All because I was doing absolutely nothing but talking...i felt my tooth was chipped.  I went it, thought I could get a quick fix super glue filling......NO!! had to get a root canal! What the heck, teeth are freaking expensive!! Oh, well it has to be done, I don't want to be another toothless!!

I'm also super sleepy, honey and I stayed up watching Season 2 of TRUEBLOOD.....a Christmas gift from him!!   I sooooooooo ♥ this show!!  and the books...I've read them all! (The Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris)   and I have super duper crushes on Sam, Eric and Alcide from the the show....can you say YUMMY!  We'll  continue watching more tonight.  So I'll probably be sleepy tomorrow too!!

I ♥ to read so recommend books!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm here!!

So, I made it on time to work today!! Yippee!!  Plus I also did something with my hair...which I'm starting to think is not so plus. lol!  

I used Tousle me softly mousse....which on the commercial makes it seem like I can have that "dreamy, tousled, soft natural wave.....whip my hair back and forth, while playing an instrument on a chair" kind of hair.  Nope doesn't come close to it.  So now here is the score

  • 1 point for softness, not the crunchy hair that I dread!
  • 1 point for the nest looking thing that is now on the back of my head!

Nest Head!!

Then I have to wear it like this because, of course I don't have enough time to wash, rinse, dry and straighten!!  Oh well!

I guess I'll be trying something different tomorrow, plus honey really doesn't like my hair like this!  I told him that until I finish the Tousle me softly mousse, he'll have to just get used to it!! ☺

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First work week of the year!!

I'm soooo dreading going back to work tomorrow! I know it was only Thursday that I was there...but that's so last year.   Okay instead of making a ridiculous resolution, I am calling it a "promise" - (yes..please do the quotations with your hands in the air) that I would attempt to wake up early and actually do something with my hair instead of the usual pony tail and also to get to work early.

This year will be my 11th year with the company....and basically I've been late every single day!  I honestly don't know why they haven't let me go...Oh, probably cause they do see some value in having me there!!  That's the only thing that I can come up with.  Anyways that's one of the things I'm gonna try to do this year. 

Also I will try and lose 10lbs or 5....let me go ahead and make it 5, you know keep it easy!  Well try to lose 5 pounds by my birthday.  I think that's reasonable, I don't want to get burned out with 7 days a week exercise and the thought of losing 75lbs by summer....yeah...highly unlikely!!  But, I already cheated! Honey and I already hit up McDonald' this weight thing will be a work in progress...hehehe!!

Okay, that's it for tonight! I have to get to bed if I wanna keep that whole getting to work early thing alive!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

Today is 1/1/11 this first day of this NewYear and new decade!  I'm very happy that I was able to ring in the new year with my honey and my family! 

I'm ready for what this year has in store for new job? new car? winning the lotto?  Who knows what could happen! lol!!

Well I just wanted to post something on this first day of know make my internet mark for this day!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful NewYears!!

*just sharing - started reading books, by Amanda Hocking great stuff!  I'll put a link to her blog later!

Off to bed now...