Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fishing line trellis

Hey every one...remember when I posted about allllll the fishing line that I received on one of my freecycle trips?  No, didn't think so!!  Well here is a pic to refresh your memory.  This is only one bag of it.

Since I am crafty and cheap ($ wise), I have been looking on-line for different ways to use up this stuff.  One of the ways to use it up was to make a trellis.  So I got to it.

I pulled out my little box of all the misc. screws and bolts that have been left over or recycled from stuff that has been put together in our home and 1 handy dandy screw driver.

I marked the fence where I wanted to put the screws...I didn't measure, I'm a big believer in eye-balling stuff, lol!!  

I found the strongest fishing line in my pile and got to wrapping and knotting.  If you look very closely I have (5) lines a that go from left to right and (2) lines that make a (X) in the center.

I bought flowering Jasmine to grow there.  I wish there was more to show you, but that's it, that's all that has grown.  It doesn't even have flowers  (*.*).  I really hope it works out the way I want it to.   It has been really hot and I've been trying to water, so we'll see.

Until next time!! Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Patriotic Pillow

This past Saturday we drove out to the country to visit some wonderful friends.  They have their property in Sommerville, TX and a short gulf cart drive to the lakes edge.  I love it!!  Well, we never go or leave there empty handed. Not that we expect or they expect anything, it's just a nice gesture since we only get to see them about once a year.  I wanted to make something that I knew they would enjoy and appreciate.  So I decided on a Patriotic Pillow.  Of course it can be put out all year round, not just the 4th of July. 

The Patriotic Pillow
(I apologize for the not so great pics. I was in a hurry)
I decided on the more muted colors of Red, White and Blue. 
1.) Washed and pressed the 3 fat quarters.
2.) Made my cuts, I didn't measure - I usually eyeball everything.
3.) I printed out a star, traced it onto cardboard and cut it out.
4.) I traced stars on the light fabric.
5.) Cut out my stars and they're ready to be sewn on.
6.) I sewed using a zig-zag stitch.  I sewed on the stripes to the light fabric, I sewed the stars to the blue fabric, then sewed the blue fabric onto the light fabric.   Then I used embroidery floss to sew the buttons onto the stars.

For the back I used burlap lined with the light fabric, I didn't want the stuffing to poke out thru the burlap.

Here is the finished pillow.  I have to say they really loved it.  I loved making it for them. 
I made another pillow for my friend's birthday but I will show hers later.  If you follow me on Instagram (@fifiybr) then you got to see a sneak peek of it and I also introduced her pet potbelly pig Bacon.  Her parents are the ones who received the Patriotic Pillow.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone have a fabulous day!! 

Until the next project.....

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pictures and Words Wednesday 6/20 - Stella and Ms. Betty (furbabies)

It's been a while since I posted anything about my fur-babies!!  Here they are living the life!!  Eating and sleeping all day saving up their energy to run up and down the stairs at all hours of the night.....sigh!  Really, they sound like horses galloping up and down, lol.  I know they jump on the counters and the tables when we're asleep, then act all nice and lazy when we're awake.

Who are they fooling?  Nope, not I!

Here is Ms. Betty, she acts all tough and bossy like she's running the show.  But she's just a big baby, literally.  Bring on the thunder and she's at your feet, hiding between the drapes, has her head under the sofa, or sneaking into the pantry like you see in the picture below.  This was yesterday with all the thunder going on yesterday.  I think I need to take her to go see the movie!!  Well this is Ms. Betty and in the next couple of days she's getting her summer hair cut. She's going to transform into Mrs. Bigglesworth.  This kitty is all fur, she looks big but she's really a tiny thing.

This is my sweet  Stella!  She's more laid back, I truly believe she's the boss when it comes to both cats.   Both cats are not lap cats, but Stella can be very loving.  She follows me everywhere I go.  She doesn't have to be next to me but in the same room.  Here she is in the craft room, watching me sew.  She's a big momma, at almost 20lbs.  She gets a trim too, but since she's already a short haired cat you really can't see a difference. 

These are the hags that live with us.  I call them hags because in cat years they are older than me, lol!!

Okay, everyone have a great Wednesday!  See you soon.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Spray Paint project!

I spray paint!!!  Why, because this stuff can pretty much change anything into something pretty to look at.  Frames, furniture, glass, even shoes!!!!  I'm still trying to convince theHubs why I have so many spray paint cans or why I keep buying!!

I spent one of these past Saturdays spray painting outdoor plant pots.  They were due for a upgrade.  When we first moved into our new home we had no plants what so ever, the front door looked sad and lonely.  My mother-in-law gave me this potted plant, it is a type of Ivy.  The pot was painted white, probably with house paint not sure and after 7 years the paint has chipped away.  I sanded down as much as I could as you can see from the picture below.

It's no secret, I love easy projects.  This was super easy too!  I didn't remove the plant, because I was lazy and I said I loved easy projects.  So I just covered the plant with a plastic bag, tucked in all the long Ivy arms and pushed wooden skewers in around the bag so I wouldn't get spray paint all up in there. 

Ta-da!!  Fresh and white! 

I picked up this salmon colored pot at a garage sale for $1.00, yay!!  I washed and dried this baby and it was ready to be painted.  I loved the shiny color it had, it just didn't go with the outdoor color of the house.  So I just chose another shiny color to make a statement in the entry way.   

LOVE IT! Who doesn't love a nice turquoise?

Now, they are ready to show off!

I just put them here to take the picture.  They have since been moved, the blue one is on the walkway now.  

Everyone have a fabulous day, stay cool if it's hot out or stay dry if you're getting the rain! 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"fruits" from the garden

Sadly, not my garden.  I don't even have a garden and the last time I checked, none of my flowers were sprouting fruits or veggies.

This yummy snack was from my friends garden!! She was sweet enough to give me some. 

I cucumbers!
They're so refreshing to eat.

These were washed, peeled, sliced and seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon.......DELISH!!

Cucumber facts:

Fruit or Veggie

From a scientific perspective the part of the cucumber plant that we enjoy is a fruit. The cucumber has seeds and is formed from the flower of the plant. At the same time, a cucumber is a vegetable as well. How can a cucumber be a fruit and a vegetable you might ask? The term vegetable is solely used in culinary terms so as far as cooking is concerned, a fruit can be a vegetable, but scientifically speaking, the cucumber is a fruit.

Much of the nutritional value of the cucumber is found in the skin. 
Cucumbers are high in vitamins A and C, calcium, and fiber.
Mostly water and nutritional yumminess, cucumbers are very low in calories.
  • Cucumber Fact #1 : Cucumbers are natural diuretics used to help lose weight!
  • Cucumber Fact #2 : Cucumbers sold in supermarkets are coated with a thin layer of wax for preservation that gives the cucumber an unnatural shine. Most of the cucumbers in the home garden are naturally dull green.
  • Cucumber Fact #3 : Soak slicing cucumbers in salt water before slicing to suck some of the moisture out of the cucumber. Sliced cucumbers leak water when sliced.
  • Cucumber Fact #4 : Sliced cucumbers release water and can be used to moisturize the skin. Slices of cucumber placed on the eyes is a common remedy for wrinkles around the eyes.
Enjoy some today!


Wow....who knew that my 200th post would be about cucumbers!!  lol!!  I'm happy to have this blog to share tid-bits from my life, share my crafts/recipes or post sillyness from the day!  Thank you to everyone that has become a new reader of AboutBloggingTime!!  I try my best to respond to each and everyone that comments....even when you have a no reply or no email to reply to, I reply on the post.  So don't think that I don't read them.
It's the middle of the year, I wonder how many posts I'll have by December......hmmm that's sounds like I just challenged myself. (",)   

Everyone have a great day!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The jeans, the holes and the repairs.

My goodness I have been a slacker with my posts.  I try to post a project every week, but my mid week posts have been sad and lacking.  I guess I'm in a funk....I don't know.  I just haven't had anything that's really exciting going on.  Well besides my weekly projects My weekends are filled with birthday parties, different events that our family is having....this past Saturday was the first free Saturday that I've had in a looooooong time. I am super tired, so I took advantage.  It was really nice to not have to worry about stuff.  

I can definitely feel the Summer coming, It's hot now and I don't feel like doing anything!!  Sunday I was in the yard and just about passed out.....that's no fun.  I told theHubs I can't wait for the Fall to get here.  Which really isn't saying much for the Gulf coast of Texas.  I meant slightly cooler Fall weather.

Okay, enough blubbering from Fifi.  Here's what I worked on with my new embroidery floss.  My niece has a favorite pair of jeans...she luuuurrrves them! A lot!  The only thing wrong with them is the holes...or the ever soooo present cool looking "hey I paid mega bucks for my jeans to look like they were run over by a tractor, slept with the pigs and chewed up by goats" look.  I have no kids but I have teen nieces and nephews and some of these clothes they buy is crazy expensive and they look horrible.  I know I'm not the only one to think that, Right?   Well she asked if I could do something about fixing a couple of holes with patches.  Since she knew she could never wear them to school showing skin on her thigh or her knees.  I told her I'd see what I could do.  I didn't want to do iron on patches.... lame-o, and I couldn't fit the legs onto my sewing machine. 

So, I decided to add some embroidery!

oh....the pretty colors

I found some scraps that were cute in color and big enough to fit into this small hoop.  Getting the hoop on was a bit of a challenge....this girl has some skinny!!

Once the hoop was on, I decided to draw something out on craft paper, I decided on a heart. 

 I cut it out and pinned it to the jean where I wanted to have it. This patch is just under the pocket on the thigh.

I made a stem stitch for the heart and little blue knot stitches for the bottom part of the patch.  You can see that the heart was not big enough for the whole patch. I did that on purpose....I drew a bigger heart but it just didn't look right.  Not for the slim leg jean...this narrow heart worked perfectly.

See the little knot stitches?  Well I'm sure you do.  I didn't take pictures of the knees but I did this knot stitch there too.

I'm really happy that she loved it.  I'll have to get a picture of them on her.

This has been the project for the week....I have some other stuff that I'm working on.  I hope to get those posted up soon. 

Everyone have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Floss much? Okay that was! I made Embroidery Holders

I am soooo late with this post.  I guess I should have probably checked that I actually hit the publish button!  Oh well  it's up now.

Well this post is a half Friday find and a half DIY project.  It's a very easy peasy mac n cheesy kind of project.  The best thing about this project is how simple and practically free it was.

Here is the part that's a Friday find.  Ooooooo colors!!!  I found this colorful box of embroidery thread for less that 5 bucks!!  Yes, you read correctly less than 5 bucks.   There are 105 skeins of thread, 5 for each color, can you say score!  I will be going back to check if there are more in different colors.  This box was labeled "Bright Colors"  and it was to make bracelets.   I said nuh uh -  I'm making something else.  I could not pass it up. 

Don't they look lovely, all neat and in order?

Ok, now for the little DIY project....that was free and easy to make.  I used my pinking shears, some cardboard scraps and cut 2" x 3" little rectangles.

Then I made a little snip near the top.  Be sure to not cut too close to the top.

Then I took this hot mess and wrapped my little heart out.  I started at the center of the cardboard piece, then wrapped and wrapped, when I was close to the end I made my way to the top, near the little snip I made.  Then I tucked the tail in.  It took just as long as making a yarn wreath, which takes about a billion years to begin with.  LOL!  

I'm glad that's done!!  Look how nice and neat it looks now.  I also used a marker to label the top of the cardboard with the # for the embroidery floss.  I have like 6 different blues and they all look the same to me.  The # will help when I need to buy more.

I know that stores sell the holders for this, but I like it better this way.  If you look closely, I cut tall and short cardboard pieces and used some clothes pins.
1.  I was able to use cardboard that was destined to fill the garbage can.
2.  Free, free, free
3.  Hellooooooo it's cute! 

Aaaaaaannnnnnd, the little basket was a Goodwill find for
Dunnn, dunnn, dunnnn  .67 cents.

Okay, enough of my babbling I hope you have a fabulous day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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