Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ms. Betty and her bad eating habits!!

I introduced my fur-babies a couple of months ago here.   And they both got hair cuts since the pic was taken! So Ms. Betty looks a little different and a lot smaller!

I had a question: Other than their pet food, what else do your pets like to eat? 
My cats are so weird, they love to eat raisins, chocolate, cheese, ranch dressing! Weird huh?

Well I'd like to put Ms. Betty on blast! This cat will wake up from her deep slumber, come down the stairs, stretch and come around if you have ketchup!!! She loves the stuff, she will make a plate of french fries sparkle! How do I know this you ask?  Oh, I had emptied my fries on a plate and drizzled ketchup all over.  I got a call from my mother and had to step into the computer room for a bit. When I came back this darn cat had licked up every single bit of ketchup there was on the fries and plate, she just left me all the licked fries! Gross, lol! It is my fault I left it on the coffee table.

We watched her to make sure she'd be okay....she's fine!  So now we have to keep watch when we're eating  ketchup.  I'll give her a couple fries with ketchup and I don't put them on a plate anymore.

Here's the proof! lol!

Fancy Ketchup from WhataBurger.....NOM NOM NOM!!


  1. What a cat and what a great name!

  2. It looks like a few fries w/ketchup won't hurt her figure. :)

  3. She's pretty awesome! ♥

    It' doesn't show on her but she's pretty heavy! lol! ☺

  4. Newest follower from MBC blog hop- Hope you can visit and follow me back:)

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    Thank's and have a great day:)

  5. Oh such a cute little one..


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