Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Fur-Babies

These are my "kids"......I know lame!  But they are!  I just wish they were lap cats!!  They don't like to be held, hugged, kissed, petted - basically loved....lol!  Well actually it's up to them when they feel like cuddling, purring, and getting close to you! So fickle!  They both eat with their paws! I can't give them wet food it would go everywhere.  I have to boobie-trap our bedroom door every night if not they wake us up every morning pawing at the door at like 5:45am for treats....which is really not a treat - it's cat food but it's different from their regular food......I don't know, I just confused myself too. They scoop up their food, throw it in the water, then scoop it out to eat.   Or they play with it like they're in a soccer league, make the goal then eat it!!  WEIRD.....I know!

They're in-door cats, probably wouldn't make it the night if they were left outside!  lol!!  My honey always tells them they're lucky to be alive, they have food to eat, they have reign over the entire house up and down, apart from the bedrooms! Sometimes  I'll sneak Stella in when I take a nap....she'll sleep, Ms. Betty would be jumping on the dresser and be nosey.   When ever the sad SPCA commercials come on, honey will also tell them...."Look, that could be you! or Look, that's probably your mom or sibling!"    lol....I tell him that they have no clue what you're saying!   Oh, well!! lol!

These are my babies......and Ms. Betty sleeps like
this everyday, everywhere!

And they're big too!!!  Both are at least 17-19 lbs

Just thought I would share a little about my pets!! 

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