Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday Garage/Estate Sale finds!!

Hello to everyone!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Ours was busy and fun!  Saturday morning was perfect weather to be outdoors.  We woke up earlier than usual so that we could hit up some garage sales and we happened upon an Estate sale!!  I love going to garage sales with my Hubby, and I was excited that we were able to go to the Estate sale, since Hubby had never been to one, he 'd it!!  He said he's hooked! (",)

We found some really great items. I'd like to highlight some of the items we bought and see if you can help me with some info about one of them. That is if you know anything about it, lol!!

This is one of the items I bought at the Estate sale!  I fell in love with it!

Antique metal thread cabinet with glass front drawers by American Thread Company.
This cabinet is in really great condition, better than most I've seen.  And I was able to get all the threads too!!  Vintage wooden spool threads, Cottons and Silks.  Some spools have never even been used, perfect condition.

This is on the sides -
Star Mercerized Sewing Cotton
Fast Colors Will Boil
American Thread Company

They wanted $200....I was like uh-uh!! Ain't gonna be able to do it! lol!!  Since it was the last day of the sale everything was 50% off.  So I asked what was the lowest they would take?  They would not budge from $75.00 bucks!!  So that's what I paid! Even at $100.00 hubby said he would have gotten it for me....aaaaawwweeee He's a sweetheart ♥!

Then making our way home, I stopped at a couple garage sales.  Driving to our last garage sale of the day I see this baby glistening in the sun!!  Literally the lady had a table with clothes, a rack with clothes, on the ground were 3 pairs of shoes, a silver tray and a book and then this sewing machine was there all by its lonesome!! 

I thought maybe it was a Singer, sadly no!  But I just loved the way it looked.  I asked how much? I didn't care if it worked or not.  Though she said it did!  She wanted $10 bucks for it!! I said "sold"!  Hubby and I put it in the back of the truck!  This sucker was heavy!! I almost broke my pinky too!! ouch! We got the neighbor to help take it out when we got home.
The cabinet is damaged but I can fix that!! It needs a good cleaning.  I have yet to turn it on.   So I'm not sure if it really works or not.  If it doesn't it will be a nice display piece.  I also went on-line to find out more info on it, but I couldn't find anything on it!  I need a manual if possible!  

This is a Admiral A29407
So If you know anything about Admirals shoot me a comment or a email, I'd really appreciate it.

I also bought the silver tray!  Guess how much??  Okay it was .50¢!!  What a steal, and it's real silver too!

I really enjoyed my weekend.....I hope this week goes by really fast!  Everyone enjoy their week.


  1. Great finds! I love getting good stuff like that too. :)

  2. Really great finds. Congrats and what a sweet hubby you have 8-)

  3. thank you for the comments!!

    Yeah...I have one pretty sweet guy!! (",)

  4. Lucky you -both for your finds and a supportive partner!
    I especially love that thread cabinet.

  5. Great find! (make sure you add my party button)

  6. Great sewing machine! The decorative piece on the front looks a lot like mine. I can't find any info on my brother either. WEIRD!

  7. love them both!!! great finds. especially the thread display.


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