Friday, August 12, 2011's hot again! and Yes, it's another post of me writing about the TX heat! Oh and caterpillars!! lol! ☺

We're breaking records here!!  This heat is getting to me!  I just want to sleep in a dark, cool room!

But sadly I have to work and I need toothpicks for my eyes!! (Φ,Φ)  Who remembers that episode from the Tom&Jerry cartoon !!  Why is it that of all of the episodes I always think of this one and the one where a little cat sings "mama yo quero"!!   <----- Weird!! lol!

Okay, back to this heat!!  Major water restrictions now, most of Houston is on voluntary odd/even schedule for watering out doors.   Since I don't live in Houston....per se....  Our neighborhood is not on water restrictions "yet"!!  There have been reports in some neighborhoods that the fine will be $10,000 if you are caught watering!! What.....that's a little excessive don't you think!!
 There's all kinds of Stages going on..... Craziness!!  We need some relief soon!!

With all the heat going on,  I have a slight little problem with a certain little insect!!!  The Caterpillar!!!  While I love nature....Really!! These little suckers (no pun intended) have literally sucked the life out of our Cypress Tree and it's the one planted in front of our house! Not pretty!  Cypress trees are supposed to be green, plush, full spears that are growing out of the ground.  (*_*) it just looks sad and pathetic!

Look at him....Chomping away on my tree! ugh!!

LOOK!!!! He or she needs to hurry up and change into a butterfly!!

When I got too close they went back into their cocoon!

What a great disguise!!  At first I thought it was the tips of the tree burning off cause of the heat.

You can see a couple here....I stopped counting a we estimate at least 500 to 600 cocoons!

During the taking of these photos, I found out there was a Yellow Jacket nest in the middle of the tree too!!  I almost got stung in the eye!!  That would not have been fun at all! 

When I first noticed the cocoons I actually thought the tips of the tree were burning off, so I started to grab them and throw them in my snipping bucket, then I was kind of squishy.  Okay I yelped, lol!!  and threw it across the yard! lol!  This was the first clue, upon closer inspection, I saw they were moving....eeeewwww! Then I noticed the heads and little arms holding on to the plant and chomping away!!  It's crazy to see something like this happening....these little insects have disguised their cocoons with pieces of the tree - hence why I was fooled!!  Nature is awesome!!   Also, I became a little "cooler" to my nephew!!  He loves nature too....He has a no-kill policy for bugs!!  He thought it was incredible to have all this going on in front of my house!  He thinks I'm a scientist now!!  lol!!  I ♥ the mind of a 7yearold!

Yesterday, I saw about 10 to 15 orange butterflies around my passion flower and morning glory vines!!  It was amazing!!   I hope I see more today!


  1. Eww! I'm not a bug person at all! I feel like I have the creepy crawlies now! Hopefully you can get some pictures when they turn into butterflies (even those are still insects they are better than caterpillars).

    New follower from Lots of Lovin' blog hop.

  2. OMG, I had to look at those pictures a few times just to see how big those suckers really were. In the first 2 they looked like mutant caterpillars!! It will be cool when they turn into butterflies but in the meantime, your poor tree!!
    New follower from the hop!

  3. Those are not catapillars. Those are bagworms, and they will kill your trees if you dont treat for them. They do turn into a moth, but it is an ugly one, and will only lay more eggs which will turn into more bagworms. Sorry. Get your trees treated, to kill them.
    Yes, I agree, it is HOT, and Houston is SO HOT. I also live in a 'suburb', well, I was just stopping by from the Friendly Friday hop. I followed via GFC. Hope you can find some help for your trees!

  4. Ewww ok that is kinda scary in a mutant space invader kind of horror movie way...pod people. I hoep you guys get some heat relief soon you might want to send some her to what is supposed to be "sunny california" we have had the coldest winter ever."! New follower would love if you could check out my blog. I am a newbie.
    Happy Friday....

  5. Now that's just gross! I so hate bugs! Isn't there some spray you can get for those? ICK I TOTALLY HATE BUGS! YUK I'm your latest follower - HI! Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend, and I hope you come visit and follower me too, but please leave the Caterpillar here. lol

  6. I'm from Texas too (born in Houston, currently living in Austin) so I know exactly what you mean about the heat! Thanks for stopping by our Lots of Lovin' blog hop...I'm your newest GFC follower. Would lvoe for you to follow back :)


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