Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Easy Crafting!! ☺

Have you ever come across something sooooo AMAZING OR SPECTACULAR that you can't ever imagine how life could possible go on with out this item??  (Well in the craft world that is)!! ☺

Mod-Podge .......

I feel like it's necessary to slap this stuff on everything!!  Creatively that is!!  Chairs, dressers, frames, desks, mirrors, vases, the list goes on and on!!   I have soooo many ideas, my brain hurts from all the thinking! So I just did a couple of small items!!  Maybe you'd like to do the same!

What I used:  craft frame, stamp and ink, marker, mod-podge, sponge brush

I used my butterfly stamp .

Here I colored in some of the butterfly stamps.  You can do all of them if you wish.

Here use the sponge brush and apply a layer of Mod-Podge.

Here I set it aside to dry and Mod-Podged other stuff!

At the bottom you can see the finished butterfly frame.  While that dried I had a boring set of frames so I Mod-Podged pieces from my fabric scrap stash onto the backings of the frame inserts.  They came out pretty nice.  Once those dried I added my pics.  And I did the "A" from my fabric stash too!! 

Well there you go....easy Mod-Podging!!  Show me what you're making!!

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