Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!! & Being featured!

Hello to everyone!! 

I hope you are having a great weekend!! 

Thinking of those who were and are being affected by Hurricane Irene!!  Thoughts and prayers to all of you! ☺♥

Well I would have posted earlier buuuuut, we just got a new mattress Friday and well we stayed in bed till about 1pm Saturday, then had to hurry up and get ready for my nieces birthday party!! Which was awesome except for the 111 temp that my phone said....ugh!! It was a scorcher!! Made it back home about 11:30pm, we were soooo tired! So we showered and went to sleep.

Any ways back to the's awesome and we've been planning on a new bed for a while now!  It's bigger and way more comfier than what we had!!  Can I again write {IT'S AWESOME}, lol!!   New sheets, new pillows aaaahhhhh!!

Also, we had our new door put in!!! It looks fabulous!  I can't wait to put on the new yarn wreath that I'm making for it! ♥

Well, other great news I'm also being featured on To Sew With Love,  so head on over there and vote!! It doesn't necessarily need to be mine but it would be great!! ☺  There are some other great stuff to vote for as well!

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(yeah, if this button doesn't look right...I don't know what I did, lol!!  just click on the link that I posted in the above paragraph)

Also, to all my new followers:  Thank you for the follow and I am following you as well!! 


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