Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Invite Redo.....Tutorial

I like easy....who doesn't! 

But I also like to change things up a bit!!  Why not, it's fun!

Well here are some easy invites that I put together, since my penmanship is not the greatest, yes I did ruin some invites with my writing....blehhhhh!! ugly, ugly! So I decided to do my own version. 

Here's what I used:
  • Invitation that I bought
  • Invitation I made
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Plain white paper

I made this invite using Microsoft Publisher, I just used the party invite template, then copied the border and
wording to each section, so there are 4 on one page. Cut out what you need ahead of time.

I used the original invite for the backing because it was card stock.
 I only payed 1 dollar for a pack of 6 invites w/envelopes.
I cut the plain white paper in half, then glued it to the front of the invite.

Press down firmly and push out any air bubbles. 
The white paper will hang over the edges of the invite at this step.

Now I carefully cut the extra white paper off the edges.

See, now I have a simple white backing.

Now, I used the glue stick on the cut out invite that I made. I put glue in the center and all (4) corner.
Press onto the plain white backing and adjust till you get it centered.  Be quick you don't want it to dry crooked.

Simple and done!!  Now mail off your invites!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!  Let me know if you make any...I'd like to see them!


  1. what a clever tutorial! thanks for sharing this with us. hope to see you next week at the party. have a lovely weekend!


  2. Thank you!! You have a great weekend as well!


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