Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Texas Heat!! Scorch!! Random ramblings!

Houston, Texas  : heat index 108   ------>  this sucks!

Where is the Fall weather?  obviously not here!

I think this year I wanna host a Halloween times!!

I'm sooooo ready to start decorating for the Holiday's!!

Maybe I should take out the Christmas tree for some pre-fluffing!!  (pre-fluffing is the only thing i hate about the artificle tree) (aaaaannnd it takes for ever...I usually start fluffing  2 weeks before Halloween!) <---- yes, i'm a loon!! lol....a Holiday loon that is!!

I still have lots of gifts to finish making <---- yes, I'm one of those!!  I like to have all the gifts done with at least by Halloween!  Hey I like to shop too.....I get gifts out of the way, so I can enjoy Holiday shopping for myself!!  Is this selfish???'s smart!! lol!!

Ugh....this year will be over before you know it!!

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  1. I also live in North Central Texas and the heat here this year has been awful!! Even worse than that is the lack of rain!! All of our plants are drying up and scorching because you just can't put enough water on them.

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I look forward to following a fellow Texan.


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