Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why can't today be Saturday? :^(

This is our second week back from our mini stay-cation!!  This year we didn't go out of state.  We ventured to Galveston, TX!  You might say, that's not a vacation but if we're traveling over a hour and a half to get somewhere....then yes it's a vacation to me!!  Plus, if you live in or have ever traveled to the Houston area it's basically a 45 min to a hour drive to get anywhere and you're still in the city limits, lol! 

Well, its been years since we've stayed in Galveston and surprisingly it was very pleasant. 

The only complaints that I had were:  
  1. Why didn't I just go ahead and put my sunblock on? (long story), lol and I'm blaming my hubby!
  2.  We both looked like cooked lobsters at the end of the day and it's not really cool to have suntan shades.
  3. My whole right arm is peeling,  oh and my hubby, well pretty much his forehead down to his toes has peeled!!  I told him, he's like a brand new man!! lol!  And it's only the front.....he never flipped over!! ☺
  4. I wish we stayed there longer!

This is what I'd rather be doing now:

Watching the view from underneath my umbrella

Taking self pics and sending them to my friends with quotes like
"hey, look what I'm doing while you're slaving at work"
"look at me, soaking up the sun!!"
"Do I look bored?"

Back to reality, I feel so worn out!! This heat is not making it any better!! I really wish we'd get some rain down here!!

It's just a blah day today!!!  I need some cheering up!! ☺


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. Live in the Houston area as well and it is 45 min to an hour to anywhere. In this heat it feels like it takes longer to get there. There is no heat like August in Houston, TX.

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  2. sounds so super fun I am your new follower come see me at

  3. I have been to Houston several times and I completely understand!


  4. I LOVE Galveston! We try to make a point to travel down there once a year and we always stay at the San Louise. Oh I love it, your making me miss the beach! :-)

    I'm stopping by from Keepin company thursdays and I will be following :-)


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