Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm kind of grossed out now!!

If you read my previous post.... you were probably like awww or gross!!  Well I'm totally disgusted now!!  :^p  

All this time I thought they were caterpillars......NOPE!! Thank you to one of my kind readers who has informed me that they are BAG WORMS and they turn into ugly moths!!!  EEEEKKKKK!  Now I have the creepy crawlies!!  

I was all like awwww I'm gonna have a swarm of Beautiful Butterflies and I'm gonna go stand outside and let them land in my hair,  then I was gonna twirl while blowing bubbles!!  <---- That dream!!

Oh well!!  Gonna have to call someone to take care of the situation!!  :(  I'm kind of bummed, about telling my nephew that they're not gonna be butterflies.  I'll just tell him their ugly brown butterflies, lol!

I was wondering where all the orange butterflies came from then, so I went looking around the yard!!  I found a couple of open cocoons on the second floor eaves of our house and some on the trellis of the passion vine! 



  1. Yuck, I'm not a fan of moths either. I hope you get rid of them soon! New follower from the weekend hop, have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. hi! new follower! Luv, Mare

  3. yuck! I would have been upset as well. I hate bugs!

    Newest follower from the hop. Hope you stop by and visit.

    Liz @


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