Monday, August 22, 2011

Easy Framed Monogram!

I have tons of frames that are just sitting there waiting to be used!!  So I decided to make this framed monogram.

Here's what I used:
transparency page
two pages of scrapbook paper
glue gun/glue sticks
art paint/paint brush
scrap fabric

Here is my $0.25 frame from a garage sale.  I just wiped it down and removed any stickiness from the price sticker.

Here are some of the scraps that I used. I cut them diagonally to make strips. I also used solid pink and solid white strips....(these were squares for a mat that I was going to make for my sewing machine, but decided on something else.)

I decided on rolled fabric rosettes. I just glue the fabric.

I added a couple to the corner.....I can never decide on how many to add, lol!

I traced the letter "Y" with a marker.  Then I painted it and let it dry.

After it was dried, I carefully cut it out and set it aside.

Scrap page 1.   This is the one I ended up using.

Scrap page 2.

I put the frame on the scrap page. I used the pencil to lightly trace the inside of the frame.

I cut out the the traced square, then I traced around onto the cardboard for the backing.

I mod-podged the page to the cardboard.

I then mod-podged the letter on and put it aside to dry.  While the letter and backing dried I set the frame on a piece of newspaper and cut around.  After the backing dried, I pushed it into the frame until it was all the way in.  I used the glue gun to glue it to the inside of the frame.

I glued the newspaper to the back of the frame with my glue stick. (yesss I know the paper is upside down....hey who's gonna look behind it after it's hung up?) lol!

Here is the finished product and it is now hung in the part of my craft room that is done.
(My craft room is being reorganized/rearranged/cleaned.  It's been a mess for weeks with
sewing fuzz,fabric scraps, dried glue, yarn, markers, and paint, lol!)

Hope you enjoyed this easy project!!   If you make one let me know, I'd like to see it!!


  1. Great job.. that looks awesome!
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  4. this is so cute! we are featuring your project today and votations also starts today. do grab a featured button if you fancy so.

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  5. hi, Yvonne! It's voting time for our finest linked-up project for the month of august and you are one of our finalists. The votation round will run for a whole week and the winner will be announced next sunday.

    Feel free to share.

    Have a lovely sunday!



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