Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Tote Bag!

This is the recent tote bag I made and by recent I mean Sunday morning from midnight to 3am!! 
It's a gift for my niece, she's turning 1.  Well actually she turned 1 on Sunday, but her party is this weekend.
Well it's basically gonna be the "gift bag" for all the other stuff I made her (a quilt, shadowbox w/name & embellishments).  Plus, her mom can use it to carry all of her other items in, instead of the big bulky diaper bag. I guess my sister in law can use is for herself as well! lol!

These are the fabrics I used.

For the outside and inside pocket I added a black and white polka dot lining

The lining on the inside is this soft purple print.

Since I don't throw anything away, I used the scraps to make the multi-colored rosettes for the outside pocket.

There you have it!!  Sorry I didn't take any pics of me making it....I was in a hurry to get it done.  Her birthday party is this weekend and since I'm the queen of procrastination...I waited till the last minute!

It was just a simple basic tote bag.  If you've ever made one you know their really simple to make.  4 pieces for the bag, 4 pieces for the pockets, 2 pieces for the handles.... and zippers or velcro if you want!  I didn't have any zips or velcro since I was in a time crunch.    For sure my next bag will have zips and I will take pics.


  1. Super cute bag! I'm sure she will love it. :) New follower from the Whimsical Wednesday hop. Happy Wednesday!

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  2. That's adorable - great job! I'm going back to look for more things! Let me know if you make something for her room - I have a gallery for nursery & kids decor accessories. I'm coming from Welcome Wednesday.

  3. Hi, Newest follower from Welcome Wednesday. Would love for you to consider following me back. xo Malia

  4. thank you for the comments and the follows!! I am following you as well!!

  5. You are such a crafty person. I love this bag! Thanks for stopping by About A Mom and linking up for the Wild Wednesday Hop earlier this week.


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