Monday, August 8, 2011

I want the cooler weather......NOW!!!!

Can I just say I the FALL weather!!!   Who doesn't??  and with the horrendous heat that we've been having here in Houston....I can't wait for that last week in September.  I open my front door and can feel that Awesome cool breeze...letting you know that something amazing is around the corner!!  That's usually when it happens for us!! 

I love the tree's when their leaves start to change colors, the reds, yellows and oranges are amazing!!  Even though we don't have many trees around here that change it's beautiful when you see one!!  That's why we planted a Bradford Pear tree in the backyard!  I love it....and I get all giddy when it starts to change!!

I love decorating too......inside I usually do Fall items with a hint of Halloween!!  We don't have kids but I always do Halloween crafts with my nephews and nieces..."they want to see Halloween" around my home!  Then after Halloween I pluck the Halloweeny stuff up and keep the Fall stuff up. Then I wait till about a week before Thanksgiving, put all that stuff away and out comes the Christmas stuff!!  If I host Thanksgiving, then I'll wait and put Christmas stuff up that Black Friday!!!  That's only if I host....if not, its up a week before and I can shop to my hearts content on BF!!! ☺

This is my season....."Fallowwingmas", its my season and Holidays!!

And I absolutely love going to Bed Bath and Beyond during the Holiday's!!  Not only for the shopping, but I love the Holiday scents in the air....the candles, pine cones, cinnamon!!  I know I'm weird!

So, my question to you is:

 What do you like about the Fall and when do you start to decorate?

Can't wait to see some responses, everyone have a great Monday afternoon!!


  1. I am TOTALLY with you on the whole Heat Thing...but my most Dreaded part of summer isnt the heat is the Mosquiotos - so bad that even when the villages spray at night they are still out the next day! UGH! I ususally decorate in a rush when the kids say it is time...using the same decorations we keep in a box in storage because although I am crafty, my teens like the tradition of the same decorations from their childhood :)
    Following you back. Lets keep in touch!
    jenny at dapperhouse

  2. Favorite.season.ever. I went a lil nuts on Pinterest with pinning all sorts of fall landscapes, and then I got uber excited for the gorgeous colors soon to come.


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