Friday, August 19, 2011


Technically I bought this stuff yesterday.... but Friday Finds sounds better to me!! lol!!

I hit up the ole HobbyLobby, I don't know how anyone could ever hate this store!!  I'm not gonna say any names....cough, cough ---> my honey!! lol!!  I on the other hand could live in this store!  Really!!  I mean anyone could!!  They have everything....I wouldn't be bored!   I'd have shelter, I'd have fancy furnishings. If I was cold I'd make me a quilt, I could make my own clothes.  I'd be set for every single Holiday, I could make model cars, put puzzles together, paint, frame up my art work, send out invites so people can come and visit me!!
I'd have food....well do  Jordan Almonds count!! <---Because I'd raid them suckers in a minute!! ♥I'm not!!  I'd probably stay away from the miniature doll house creeps me out...I probably watched to many killer doll movies "thanks Mom"! I don't know...little tiny things for the doll house disturb me!! Oh don't get me wrong I had a doll house, but my Jem doll lived in it!!  (Remember Gem dolls)  With those flashing star earrings!! lol!! Whoa I just had a flashback, lol!! Hey...I'm a kid from the 80's! Anyways, she was like a all of the furnishings we made her were bigger!!

Well, back to my FridayFinds!!!  Anyone that knows me, knows that I go to the clearance isle first....then all of the other isles!! I like cheap!! I spend hours in there finding stuff!! It's my alone time, it's my HappyPlace!

I found some really good items to put in my craft stash.......everything with a yellow sticker is what I bought!

yarn $2.39/felt squares $0.15/stuffing $1.47/ glass hoop jars $1.57/Cardstock pack $2.49

I did buy multiples of these items.....if there were available to buy!  

yeah....soooo!!  I'm gonna make myself a Yarn wreath for Fall!!

I know that HobbyLobby has different items on clearance at different it's always a hit or miss if you're looking for a specific item!!  I was happy with what I found!!

Let me know if you find any deals today or over the weekend!!


  1. cool co-hosting the weekend hop!

  2. Great buys! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby near me, sounds fun.

    I am a new follower from the Lots of Lovin' Weekend Hop. I would love a follow back at

  3. Okay.... I must have been half asleep when I typed this post! I just read all my mistakes...ugh! Lol!

  4. We always find great buys at our Hobby Lobby.

    Thank you for participating in Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.

    Have a wonderful day!



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