Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Honey bought me a new toy!!

Yay!!  I finally got my sewing machine!!!  A Singer - Brilliance.....it's amazing and a little intimidating!!  I'll try not to pull my hair out!   Last nite I set it up, threaded it and made a little stitched pillow with my initial!!  It's cute..lol!  Now I have to learn all these sewing terms!  Oh and all the quilting terms too! 

Now that school applications are turned in, tests are done and books put away.....I can finally breath!  I've been sooooo bogged down with this stuff.  But now I feel great!!  Now I can sew up something creative!

Since, I'm a newbie at sewing with a machine....I'll be testing it out for a while! Practice makes perfect....right?!?!  lol!

Plus, I've been cleaning out my craft/sewing room! <- yay... I can finally add the sewing part! <squeal>!! 

I finally got  a closet I can use too! Why you ask...well since I hate bugs and all the creepy, crawly thing out there....I don't have one thing up in the attic!  I live in Texas and we have brown recluse spiders and all of the other spider families....I'm scared to put anything up there.  Yes, it's all in plastic bins! But, I just moved them in the other spare bedrooms closet!!  So now that's the HOLIDAY closet!  Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Thanksgiving....etc! 

I think one of the projects I'm gonna try out is a Quilt!  Yay! 

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