Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting things started

Well.... (in a very exasperated tone)  lol!!   No one ever told me that I would become a "Fabric Addict"!  (i♥the term) It was sooooo hard not to pick up every single color, design or size I liked!!  Plus all the tools!!  OMG!! 

Well I think I have all the fabrics I need to make a quilt for my M-I-L.  I might add a couple more colors - maybe!   I told my honey that I would make quilts for both of our moms for Christmas!  I think I should have them done by then! Also, gonna make baby quilts for my nieces, 2 will have 1st birthdays before the end of the year and the other turns 2 in Feb.  I think I'm gonna have my hands busy for a while.

Another thing.....I never notice or realized what a big blogging community there is for quilters/crafts!  It's exciting to know that I can follow someone to learn skills or techniques.

I'll post pics of the fabrics I chose later on........

Everyone have a great day!!

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