Friday, June 17, 2011

Not so Mellow Yellow!

Well I've been staying up late reorganizing my craft/sewing room!!  It's coming along great I'll post pics soon of how it looks.  So during my late nite organizing I'd stop to cut a couple of  blocks for my quilt.  I finally finished that part.  (sorry about the pic quality, these are from my phone, I have way too many pics on my big camera, so this post would be super late if I downloaded the pics from there. My computer can't hold any more pic., lol!)

Different cut blocks

I did add more blues and grays...this may not be every one's favorite color scheme, but I like it! We'll have to wait and see how it comes out.  I think I will call this Quilt "Not so mellow Yellow".  Naming a quilt is not so easy, lol!

Put in easy to grab stacks

So far all of the rows are sewn, now to sew the rows together, FUN!! lol!  They were done on Tuesday. I just had to finish organizing my room, plus I have to buy more thread before I start again.....that I will be doing today!  I should have the top done by Sunday.  Now I have to decide on the back and the binding.... please leave some suggestions.

So glad that today is Friday!!  Its been a fast week for me.  I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy weekend!!  If you're reading this and you're getting some rain, please send some to Texas....especially the surrounding smaller cities of Houston.  Thanks!

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