Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I apologize for not posting more, its just I'm working through a "things to get done" list that suddenly seems to get longer and longer by the day. And I'm trying to reorganize my craft's just a jumbled mess.  I'll post pics of the before and after for the room!

Well I've been yo-yoing it up....well actually I've been cutting circles for the yo-yo's!!  I think I'm gonna make a quilt or maybe seat covers !! I haven't decided on that yet.   One decision that has been made is that I'm gonna get a sewing machine.....yay!!  I'm really excited about it, since I'm a newbie at sewing with a machine my honey told me to do my homework, and do research on them (i.e.  brands, pricing)!  So, if anyone one has advice or what brand to recommend....Please, oh Please leave me a comment!!   It will be greatly appreciated.  My little sausage fingers are tired of sewing/stitching by!

Also, much like my jumbled craft room I'm also thinking of revamping this blog!!  I need to focus more on it!!  "I'm scared", lol!  -  I think this will be a work in progress.

Here are more fabric flowers I made.  I even wore one as a pin and I made one using the rolled fabric technique!! 

Made by Fifiybr

I made this one into a pin, so I wore it to work the next day.

Here is the rolled fabric technique!  It was pretty easy to make.

Finished rolled flower

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