Monday, February 7, 2011

Zumba-mazing kind of night!!

Not to be confused with Zumba-rific or's just Zumba-mazing!! lol!  Okay, I can't feel my legs, but yet I can feel my thighs burning from with-in! Hmmm...interesting!!  I just got back from the Zumba class and I could barely walk to the front door...dang I'm soooo out of shape!!  It's the dancing and moving your butt...and your boobs and your arms that causes this pain!!  I mean I'm a walker, I can literally walk miles and I'm just fine, but this...oh my!! 

Well, I think I'll just continue it...don't get me wrong it's super fun, I guess I just have to work at it!!  You'd think that being a Latin woman I'd have some kind of rhythm....that's a big NEGATIVE!!  My god, why didn't I learn how to dance salsa or something!!  Oh well!!

So this is my new adventure!! 

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