Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday coming soon!!

Yay......(doing a happy dance!)  So my birthday is in 9 more days!!  I'm super excited about it too...not because I'm doing something grand or anything! I'm just happy because I have another year to be here!!  I know many people that hate their birthday's and they hate how old they're getting.  I say embrace it and live like there's no tomorrow! 

I love my life, I love that I can be me and I'm free to do the things that I can do! 

Last year my honey threw me a surprise birthday party, well he's always done a surprise birthday party or dinner for me. But last year's was the best....I didn't expect it at all!! I told him I didn't want a big to-do about it....but he doesn't listen (men) lol!!  I got to see all my friends and my family, and that was better than any gift!!

So, this year who know's what will happen!!  I'm spoiled what can I say!! 

Happy Early Birthday to my niece, she's turning 1!  And she stole my thunder, I used to be the only February baby in my family!!  Oh well, I still love her!  I call her butterball #2 and her dad, my brother calls her Miss.Piggy!!  lol

Miss Piggy

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