Monday, February 7, 2011

No snow in Houston

Man....was I excited for the snow that was coming.  The forecast was to be 1-3 inches or maybe more in some places.  Well it didn't happen!

Snow in Houston = Big Fail

I mean I know better than to believe the weather man but he just broke my ♥ !! lol!!  I loved how they went from Winter Storm to Ice Storm 2011...All we got was ice, ice and more ice.  Frozen roofs, iced patios, ice on the windshields, dead plants......Closed bridges, closed schools and *thank God we finally closed! We were supposed to go in at noon, but luckily the bosses watched the news and help us out by not having us risk our lives or our vehicles*.  *Sarcasm*

Anyways, basically all of Houston and the outer parts of the city was shut down. There were more than 800 accidents that day alone....a lady even had her baby on one of the overpasses....that's crazy.  And now she'll have to like name her child some wintry weather name like Icee, or Sleet or maybe Snow Storm! lol!  Well I'm glad they're safe.

Well winter is not over yet, so I hope I get to see some kind of snow soon!

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