Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl Sunday and food is like 2nd best to like Award shows and food....well to me at least!  I'm not a die hard football person, but I do like to watch it with my honey. This year it was just us two with wings and pizza....yummo!! 

It was definitely a good game!!  I was going for the Steelers and my honey was going for the Packers....obviously you know the outcome of the game.  It was a close game towards the end.  Honestly it was entertaining. 

Go Packers....for all you CheeseHeads out there!!

Hey doesn't the Steelers Head coach Mike Tomlin look like Omar Epps with a beard....they're not like twins but they look really similar. I wonder if they're related in anyway!!

Mike Tomlin (l) and Omar Epps (r)

Ok, the obvious first screw up was Christina Aguilera's rendition of the National Anthem.... It was obvious to me cause I was singing along, even though most people had no clue!!  I tweeted about it as soon as it!!  Yes, I tweet and I tweeted up a storm yesterday.   Was it me or did Christina look a little rough....that bleach blond hair needs to go.   We get it she knows how to sing, but for once can someone just sing the National Anthem....without all the extra vocals....yaaaaaayaaaaayaaaaa....or oooohhoooohhhoohhhh! It just kind of bugs me.  The Glee girl sang good, even though it was a little Disneyish to me, but over all very good!! 

The Black Eyed Peas meh or okay?.... the sound guy sucked!!  I felt like I was in Tron for a bit too... I was waiting for Jeff Bridges to come out, lol!!  Honestly if it was just he could have done it by was practically the half-time show anyway!!  Sorry didn't need to be there!! And I think she murdered "Sweet Child of Mine" with!!  She did look good though!  Usher...sorry didn't have to be there either!  Again it was the Show!!  Well this was one of the better half-time shows from the past years, thanks to Janet and her nipple or nipple ring, Seriously people look down you have them too, just not everyone has it pierced!!!  lol

It was fun seeing all of the Celebs there too....Except....the barftastic Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn!!  lol!

Well I think I only had (2 or 3) favorite commercials.....the VW and Little Darth...that was the cutest!  I loved, loved, loved the Chrysler/M&M commercial and The M&M BriskTea was great!  The creepiest was the Finger licking, pant sniffing Doritos commercial.....GROSS!!!   Let's just say I won't be eating Doritos anytime soon.  The Coke commercials were eehhh!!  I'll have to watch alot of them again!!

Well that's it for Super Bowl Sunday 45!!

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