Thursday, February 3, 2011

So it is gonna snow!!

Well it hasn't started I'm still debating if it will or not!!  Ok, I believe it! It's just it hardly ever happens and I ♥ the snow.  I will post pics of it when it happens....hehehe!!  **giggles like a schoolgirl**

So our little snow is no biggie!!  But the City has shut down, sprayed the highways and closed the schools early and will be closed tomorrow.  Hello, Houston shuts down when we have flurries......Which is good cause we have no idea how to drive in the stuff. Houstonian's also don't know how to drive when it rains. ☺ But I'm glad the companies did what they did, they want people to be safe...  Except ours! 

Everyone be safe out there...  I know up North they are getting pelted by this winter blast.

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