Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bye, bye GFC!! What am I to do now?

I'm so confused with all this.  Why does it have to go away?  I guess I've been in denial for these past couple of months and now I'm trying to save the people I have. I've been trying to stop by and follow some in what ever way possible. I'd hate to lose all my followers and I'd really hate to lose everyone that I'm following. 

<insert sad face here....> 

With that said, I would really like it if you would continue to follow me. Here are some of the way to do that. 

If you have Linky follower, sign up that way, it's right there on the right side of my page. You can click follow at the very top of the page near the search button, sign up to receive emails, follow me on Pinterest or follow on Google+ Buttons are to the right. 
Pretty Please.......
and just leave a comment to let me know you did one of the following so I can gladly follow in return. Thank you to all my awesome readers!!
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  1. Hey Girl... Me too! I am following you via Linky! Sad days w/out GFC )-:

  2. The bag you made looks great! I used to make bags. This makes me want to drag out my sewing machine. It looks like you have a lot of great ideas on here!

    Following through Linky Followers. Hope you will visit and follow back! Thanks!


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