Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Family Showcase.... #2

Let me introduce to you one of my nephews.
 My youngest sisters son. He is the middle child in her family. His older brother is Malaki (7) and his baby sister is Milan (1).  He turned 4 in January. He is a sweet child when he wants to be, he tells his mommy she looks pretty and give hugs and kisses to his aunties and grandmas. Other times....he's known as "the Texas Tornado" or I refer to him as "MadMax", lol. He is fearless...which can be good and bad.  

Look at that smile....  
He didn't always have his hair grown out this way....
after his sister was born he now refuses to have it cut!! Jealous? Maybe!

Having fun in the bounce house...this child has 24/7 energy!!  

Oh, poor baby...who can refuse this pouty face?? 
I can, I tell him he can't pull that with me. 
When I say no, it mean no! But most of the time I'm a fun auntie.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know my family!

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  1. What a cutie! His hair reminds me of my nephew's hair when his mom lets it grow out. Love the curls.

  2. Hi! I invite you to look at my blog! I sew clothes and bags! Follow me:)

  3. What a cutie-pie! He looks like a team mate on my son's soccer team! LOVE your blog. So much fun. I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to see the other fun stuff you come up with!


    1. Just realized you're also a Texas girl...always nice to meet a fellow Texan! We are down in Houston a lot with my husband's job (his conferences are always down there)! LOVE your kiddos can't get enough of your zoo or children's museum!


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