Monday, February 13, 2012


We all have them.....
some have bad ones, some have good ones.

This Monday is not bad. But I'm excited about NEXT Monday!! 
Oh it's my Birthday!! Yay!!

it's my birthday, it's my birthday....we're gonna party like it's my birthday!!!

Since Valentines day and my birthday are only six days apart.... I don't ask for anything fancy, I don't demand 2 gifts, I'm not picky - most of the time, I don't need to be lavished with diamonds - I already have them. I don't go bonkers because I didn't get flowers, or the giant bear that is bigger than my lil ole 5'1-5'2 self....<---man, I'm short! lol! 

Fifi made this*! 
Why do they make bears this big anyways? lol!!

I've never been one to want expensive things or dinners at big restaurants.  The hubs spoils me all year round, I have every thing I need and most things that I want. I'm happy with a card and chocolates. I just don't understand people going broke for holidays or birthdays. 

Whatever you do I hope it makes you HAPPY!  

Valentines day will be Chinese take-out and movies for us!  and a Weekend get away for my birthday!  With a spa day thrown in the mix!  Massage, mani, pedi, facial, lunch!!  I love this particular spa,  they are sooooo nice and all the girls always do a great job with whatever they're doing.  I can't wait.

Happy Early Valentines Day to everyone!!

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  1. Happy Valentine's and Birthday - you are like me, both in same week. Valentine's is definitely over-rated! Another Aquarian. Enjoy!

  2. Hello! Stopping by via Tuesday Blog trail to give you a follow.

    Happy early birthday! Mine is coming up in March ... :)

    ~ Brooke


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