Friday, February 24, 2012

My AMAZING Birthday Bash!! Thank you to my wonderful Hubby!!

I just wanted to share some of my Birthday with you!  It was a great couple of days, that were made even more special by my Truly Wonderful Hubby!! Thank you for making my 32nd 21st Birthday so amazing! ♥ him!!
{1} Birthday card from the big Boss at work, wasn't that nice. ☺
 {2} A big ole carrot cake, sorry no pic it was all gone & beautiful, 
cheery pink carnations from my co-workers
(I read somewhere that Carnations are back in style)
{3} The Hubs treated me to a day at the spa!!  Facial, Massage, 
Mani, Pedi and Lunch (5 hours of needed relaxationand 
date night movie " This Means War" 'd it
  {4} Waking up and excited about our getaway! Even my hair was 
excited, lol! (The Virgin Queen ain't got nothing on this do)
{5} A 2 hour drive is not to bad of a drive! At least we didn't have 
to make stops to pee! We had a lot of coffee that morning.
{6} Hey hubs "why so serious", lol!!  He didn't know I was taking 
the picture. Can you tell that I'm excited? 
    {7} Look at us holding hands! How disgusting is our love? I'm happy 
   that he still wants to hold my hand after 11 years of being together!
       {8} Yay.....we finally made it to our destination!  I'm glad it's not too far 
        away from us. Just a hop, skip and jump across state lines, that's all. lol!
 {9} After checking in we hit up the buffet!!  Don't you just love casino
 buffets! Hello, snow crab and about a billion other things....yummo!! 
Thank you Le Beaucoup for allowing us to stuff our faces for $20 
bucks without shame or judgement.
{10} My Birthday desserts - carrot cake, caramel & pecan cheesecake
and the key lime was for the hubs!!
 {11} There were these lovely outfits through out the hotel.....
I totally could have rocked this one!
{12} Well, we won some $ and we lost some $ not too much.  
Now it was time to come back home! Waaaahhhhh!
{13} Happy Fat Tuesday!!  We got our fill of crawfish, potatoes and corn!  
Yes, we eat MudBugs! The spicier the better!
{14} What better way to end my 5 day Birthday Bash! Slab of the Marble, lol!!
Oh...I found my happiness - Cheesecake ice cream w/pecans in a waffle cup!

It was a fabulous time and I got to share it with my hubby! 


  1. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading this fun post!

  2. lucky you!! what got a good man!!
    Happy birthday!

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  4. Happy Birthday!

    Great Post! You guys had a blast! Lucky You!

    1. Thank you very much!! hubby spoils me!! I love him!

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm visiting from Decorating with Cents and I found you on the blog hop. I'm now a linky follower...would like if you could follow back. Thanks

    1. Hi Sherry,
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes! I'm gladly following all the different ways that I can!

      Have a great week!

  6. What fun pix! Following from Blog Hop

    1. Thanks I had fun taking them! Gladly following back!

  7. First: Happy Birthday! Second: I love the pix! Third: I'm your newest follower via Linky (I'd love it you stopped by my blog & joined me too!)


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    now follow back me with GFC too

    1. Thanks for stopping by, gladly returning the follow.

  9. I'm sooo glad you linked up to the Husband Challange!! Sorry this is so delayed.

    This looks like an amazing brithday, I hope my 29th (yes for real) is just as good. A spa day sounds fantastic, hey so do crab legs....

    Hope to see you around!

  10. Hi Fifi,
    I have been offline for awhile. Wonderful pictures! I am glad you had a great birthday and I wish you many, many, more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!
    I am now one of your Linky Followers!:) Take care.

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