Monday, May 16, 2011

I got bit by the Crafty bug!!

Well I've been crafting for a while, but since I have nieces now I just want to make things for them.  I don't have any children yet.  I borrow the kids from my brother and sisters, spoil them and then send them home lol!!   I'm always doing crafts with the boys and now I get girls in the mix, too much fun!!  It wasn't till February 2010 that we got our first girl. Then one in August and the last one in November!!  So now I just want to make all kinds of things for them.  I really hope that I have girls when I have kids.

So, now I'm making shadow boxes for the girls.  I'm not quite done yet but I have started on two of them.


I drew and hand painted the bird and hearts.

I cut and hand stitched the denim flower.


Sorry the picture is from my phone and the quality is not all that great.  

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