Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm crazy for Crawfish!!!!!

So, Where have I been you ask?  Well I've been stuffing my face with Crawfish, like a crazy insane fiend, that's what I've been doing!!  Also been going to parties, a wedding, family get together's, basically living life Oh, and studying for my PSB exam...which is dumb! But that's my opinion! 

Back to Crawfish, if you don't know what these are they are like little brother or sister versions of Lobsters!!  Look it up...the descriptions go on forever about theses things. When boiled with the right spices, mushrooms, potatoes, corn, shrimp, crab OMG the list could go on and on with what you can add, but what I've mentioned is usually what we eat it with.  Yes some people think they're gross, or a waste to eat but they don't know any better!!  ☺ Props to my honey and our 2 other friends that cook these crawfish.

I still have about a month and half to go.....so I'm gonna get my fill!!   YUMMY!!

Crawfish- Boil   (I do not own this picture)

This is what our crawfish boil look like.....Dang I'm making myself hungry..lol!!   I wish I could eat these everyday.

But I can't  -
1) It can get very expensive buying these mudbugs.
2)There aren't too many people who can cook them "GOOD".
3)They're only in season for a short time in the year.

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