Friday, March 9, 2012

Look at this....I'm a freak!!

Maybe not a freak....but a really picky eater!!  
How can I not like avocados?  This yummy goodness is just not my cup of tea!! It's just weird to me.
The avocado here was pushed out with my chop sticks!!
If it's on my food I'll just scrape it off or scoop it up and give it to the hubs. 

While doing my CSI investigative skills on myself, I've come up with an answer! 
oops..sorry I thought I was watching the show, lol!
sigh.....only if we could all be as cool as Horatio Caine.

I'm blaming it on my mom.  Sorry mom! You forced me to eat it when I was little, just like you forced me to eat tomatoes....bleeeehhhh!! Yeah I don't like tomatoes either, but that's another story.  Mom, would and still does eat a sliced avocado sandwich - bread, sprinkled with salt and pepper.....GROSSSSSSSSSSSS!!  And my sister will eat tomatoes like she's chomping away at a apple.....double GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

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  1. I hate avacado too. I ordermy sushi without it!

  2. Hey there! First time here. I found you on the Mingle with Me blog hop! Nice to meet you!

    I tell you what, I don't care if you're a freak or not..... just send all the avacados and tomatoes you don't eat to ME!!!! LOL I am with your sister on the tomatoes. I will go out in the summertime and pick one off the vine, give it a rinse, and dig in! They are so delicious when they are still warm from the sun! And it is a big treat in my family to have a "real tomato" sandwich when they first get ripe!

    Most people don't like absolutely everything, so don't stress about it. Something that sounds really gross to me is pickled eggs.... blech!!!! LOL

    Have a great day!

  3. I just found your blog through the Giveaway Lifestyle blog hop, I'm a new follower. I'd be grateful if you could visit my blog as well!

    Love Parish

  4. I don't do avocado either.... For me it's the texture for the most part!
    the strange one for me though is eggs.... I just can't do it! the texture, the stench, the thought of what it is! -EVERYTHING!
    I so wish I did eat them though, it's a cheap, healthy food that you can make in so many different ways!!
    I can't even do mayo because of it.
    Of course I eat them super mixed in, but not even as obvious as potato salad!!


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